The i-mop Basic, Plus & Pro: What's the Difference?

i-team ANZ launched the i-mop XL floor scrubber to the Australia and New Zealand market in 2015. In just a few short years, the i-mop has become an industry benchmark as one of the best floor scrubbers, being a highly manoeuvrable and lightweight floor cleaning machine that packs more power and features than comparably sized conventional autoscrubbers.

The original i-mop XL floor scrubber boasted a 46 cm scrubbing width, lithium-ion batteries, twin 350 rpm scrubbing brushes, linatex squeegees, interchangeable tanks, intuitive user interface and more.

Since 2015, a host of upgrades and new features were added to the i-mop XL walk behind scrubber and its larger sibling, the 62 cm i-mop XXL. These upgrades included colour coding options, brush and pad options for different floors, smarter battery management systems, various battery and charger options and a range of other i-mop accessories.

In 2020, we launched the largest group of upgrades to the i-mop yet, launching three variants of the i-mop XL & XXL floor scrubbers. Enter the Basic, Plus and Pro!

So what’s the difference between i-mop Basic, Plus and Pro?

Essentially, the ‘old’ i-mop XL/XXL floor scrubber version (i.e. 2019 i-mop) has become what we now call the Basic model. However, the Basic model has received a raft of critical upgrades. The below table shows a summary of the new 2020 i-mop scrubber features, along with additional features of the Plus & Pro.

compare chart

Let’s break down these features one by one, starting with those on the i-mop XL/XXL Basic:

  1. Battery safeguard

    Through experience with thousands of i-mop users, we learned that operators often forget to turn their i-mop scrubber off after use. This meant the machine was still switched on and draining battery power while in storage, which over time may cause the i-mop battery voltage to drop too low to be recognised by the charger. (Note: This can be fixed; however it required a technician to revive the i-mop i-power batteries)

    The new battery safeguard on the i-mop floor scrubber disconnects the i-power batteries power when the machine is in the park or transport position – even with the machine left on. Only when you lower the i-mop brush deck will the battery power kick in. This ensures optimal battery life, along with maximum machine uptime.

  2. Control panel

    The upgraded control panel on the i-mop XL and XXL walk behind floor scrubbers has a lower inlay and added rubber bump protection. These features are designed to protect the control panel from accidental damage and make it easier to work with.

i-mop handle

  1. Splash guards

    Splash guards have been standard on the i-mop floor scrubber for some time. However we have introduced a new, improved version which is made of flexible PVC. This PVC is a sturdy material that is wear-resistant; yet has enough flexibility to absorb the movement of brushes or pads on the machine without being dislodged. The new splash guards also do not collect dirt - an issue with brush bristle-type splash guards.

  2. Float ball system

    To protect the vacuum motor from accidental water ingress, we have added a float ball system to the recovery tank on the i-mop. The float ball will rise with the water level. Suppose the water is reaching a level where it could go through to the i-mop vacuum motor. In that case, the float will block the vacuum inlet, minimising the risk of any water passage to the motor. Note: This float ball system can be retrofitted to earlier models of the i-mop XL and XXL autoscrubbers.

Now for the additional features on the i-mop XL/XXL Plus model:

  1. Electronic switch

    The electronic switch on the i-mop Plus & Pro models is an additional safeguard to prevent water from entering the vacuum motor. When the machine’s handle is lowered to 32 degrees from the floor, the i-mop will shut down as this is an angle that risks water getting to the vacuum motors. The electronic switch supplements the protective action of the Float Ball System.

  2. Timer display

    The i-mop Plus & Pro models' user interface incorporates an hour meter that shows the total hours of machine operation. This is particularly useful for maintenance purposes, allowing you to keep track of when your machine may require servicing. It also enables accurate records when leasing or hiring out the i-mop.

And the i-mop XL Pro:

  1. Deck coating

    The top-of-the-range i-mop XL Pro battery floor scrubber incorporates all the i-mop Basic and Plus features, plus a heavy-duty black coating on the machine's deck. This black deck on the i-mop XL Pro scrubber makes the model easily recognisable.

    The coating helps protect the deck from corrosion in harsh environments, especially those with high chlorine levels such as around pools or in hospital theatre cleaning, or salty environments such as beachside areas.

i-mop model availability in Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea

These are the models of i-mop available in Australia and New Zealand;


Model Available in AU/NZ/PNG
i-mop lite Yes
i-mop XL Basic Yes
i-mop XL Plus Yes
i-mop XL Pro Yes
i-mop XXL Basic Yes
i-mop XXL Plus Yes
i-mop XXL Pro No *(special order)

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