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co-botic 45

Intelligent Robotic Scrubber-Dryer

  • fasterOperate 24/7 with two batteries, including overnight in dark areas
  • cleanerClean various hard floors
  • saferLeaves floor dry within 10s
  • greenerSave up to 750W per hour
  • betterFrees up time for cleaners to tackle other tasks

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    What is the co-botic 45?

    Designed for hard floors ranging from 200m² to 1500m², the co-botic 45 is an intelligent robotic scrubber-dryer. It's not here to replace the human cleaner but rather to work alongside them. Watch the short introduction video below.

    Curvy line

    Enchanecing efficiency with the co-botic 45 Robotic Scrubber-Dryer?

    The co-botic 45 robotic floor scrubber-dryer efficiently handles repetitive and tedious tasks, such as cleaning large floor areas. By doing so, it not only reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries for cleaners but also enhances ergonomic efficiency. This means your cleaner can utilize their skills in other areas, optimizing the overall workload. Here are a few industry examples of the co-botic 45 in action.

    Co-botic 45 in the hospitality
    Co-botic 45 in the library
    Co-botic 45 in retail premises
    Healthcare room with Co-botic 45

    With the co-botic 45 by your side, cleaning is a breeze

    Card benefits
    Quick and Effortless Setup

    Setting it up is a breeze. You can go from unboxing to operational in just 30 minutes, and from that point on, it's ready for daily use within 3 minutes. It's that simple.

    Card benefits
    Seamless Navigation

    With the co-botic app, a custom map of the cleaning area can be generated. During the initial run, it memorizes each location, guaranteeing it maintains its path and doesn't overlook any area, even if the floor is temporarily occupied.

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    On duty 24/7

    It operates around the clock, adapting to various schedules. When the battery is low, it promptly alerts you. You can replace the battery within seconds to keep it going.

    Card benefits
    Easy Maintenance

    All of its parts are easily accessible. Refilling or emptying the tank, as well as replacing brushes or squeegees, is a quick and straightforward process. By taking good care of it, you ensure its continued performance.

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    Effective Cooperation

    Designed to cooperate with human cleaners, it handles routine tasks, allowing professionals to concentrate on areas demanding precise attention. Together, a dynamic team is formed.

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    Smart Sensors

    The co-botic 45 can identify glass and mirrors, navigate around transparent obstacles, recognize staircases, steer around people, and return to areas if individuals relocate within a few minutes to ensure thorough cleaning.

    Specifications and Downloads
    Technical Specifications

    Cleaning Efficiency

    Up to 1500m²

    Cleaning Pressure

    2-6 kg

    Clean Water Tank

    10 L

    Recovery Tank

    10 L

    Battery Life

    2-3 hours (1 x i-power 20)

    Charging Time

    Single charger: 180 mins i-charge 9: 120 mins

    Operational Speed

    0.8 m/s (adjustable)

    Noise Level

    75 dB (power), 71 dB (standard), 65 dB (quiet)


    35 kg

    Dimensions L x W x H

    50 cm x 50.4 cm x 62.9 cm

    Brush Speed

    300-900 RPM

    Included Accessories
    Linatex Squeegee Co-botic 45

    Linatex Squeegee

    Easy click-in squeegee takes less than a minute to replace.

    i-power 20 COB 45 Co-botic 45

    i-power 20 COB 45

    The co-botic 45 runs on the co-botic version of the i-power 20 batteries.

    i-charge 9 Co-botic 45

    i-charge 9

    Comes standard with the i-charge 9 supercharger.

    Remote control Co-botic 45

    Remote Control

    Control the robot manually with the remote control.

    i-team's Co-botic 45 handle


    The handle enables the cleaner to manually steer the co-bot to any location.