i-scrub 21B

Battery powered micro-scrubber

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With its telescopic pole and 360° adjustable head, the i-scrub 21B scrubber can easily reach almost any area to clean it.

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What is the i-scrub 21B?

The i-scrub 21B is the ultimate answer for hard-to-clean areas like stairs, showers and behind toilet bowls. With a powerful motor that achieves 400 RPM through two discs, our high-performing industrial cleaning machine requires almost no effort to achieve a deep and powerful clean.

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The ultimate mini scrubbing machine

The i-scrub 21B battery-powered scrubber will fast become one of the most versatile tools in your cleaning arsenal. The 360° adjustable head allows access to all those hard-to-reach areas and applications: horizontal or vertical.

Designed to clean stair risers, walls and showers, tactiles and benchtops — and around toilet bowls — the i-scrub 21B is a serious commercial cleaning machine designed to make short work of deep scrubbing.

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Multi-purpose Scrubber

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Dual brush head

With a powerful motor delivering 400 RPM through two discs, the i-scrub 21B uses counter-rotation so you can apply downward pressure without losing control of the unit.

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Maximum cleaning power

With the optional harder brushes for the toughest scrubbing tasks, you can take on any cleaning challenge.

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Ergonomic controls

The height-adjustable telescopic wand is easily controlled at the grip. All your controls are within the reach of your fingertips, including manual solution dosing.

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Scrub soft and fabric surfaces

A full range of scrubbing pads, as well as two different brush options for cleaning different surfaces, means the i-scrub 21b can clean most surfaces — including carpet and upholstery with encapsulated cleaning.

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360° swivel head

Scrub the steps and the risers. Get into the corners at just the right angle. Go up, down, over and behind with the flexibility of perhaps the greatest swivel-head ever.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications




15 x 25 x 915-1270mm




14.4V 6.6Ah



Charge Time


Brush Speed


Scrub Width


Included Accessories


i-power 7 battery


ES2 charger for i-power 7 batteries

Pad drives

Pad holders for the i-scrub 21B


Combination of all the scrub pads


Selection of brushes for different applications

i-scrub 21B Frequently asked questions

What is the life of the battery?

On average, the i-scrub 21B’s battery packs are rated with a lifespan of 1,500 charge cycles, however, this can be higher or lower depending on a number of factors that influence the health of the cells inside the lithium-ion pack.

There are a few things you can do to increase the lifespan of your i-scrub battery which includes avoiding drastic temperature changes and recharging the battery after every use.

What chemicals should I use?

The i-scrub has been designed to work with a wide range of cleaning solutions, meaning you can tackle several cleaning tasks that require both acid and alkaline-based cleaning agents, as well as neutral cleaners for more sensitive tasks. We suggest the following:

  • Stick to chemicals between 3-11 on the pH scale
  • Use low-foaming chemicals to avoid sticky residue on your floors
  • Ensure the tank is dosed with the correct chemical-to-water ratio
  • Check with the floor manufacturer’s guidelines for specific cleaning advice
  • Do not use solvents
  • Rinse through with clean water after using harsh chemicals

One of the best ways to streamline the cleaning process with your i-mop is with the help of our plant-based i-dose cleaning pod system. The i-dose cleaning pods contain an eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solution that is dosed perfect for the i-mop's solution tank.

What is the warranty cover?

The i-scrub 21B min scrubbing machine is packaged with a 12-month commercial warranty from the date of purchase.

How long do the brushes last?

On a smooth application like vinyl, you can expect your brushes to last for up to 12 months if used for 1 hour per day. The rougher the surface the quicker they will wear. 

What maintenance is required?

We recommend regular maintenance of your i-scrub 21B to keep it in optimal working order. If using chemicals in the unit,wesuggest to rinse out the solution tank and flush the line after use. It is also important to wipe down the motor headwith a damp cloth and to put the battery on charge after every use.