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co-botic 1700

Commercial robotic vacuum cleaner

Starting from: $1195

  • fasterUnleash the efficiency of automated vacuuming
  • cleanerAllow overnight cleaning, wake up to a vacuumed floor
  • saferEliminate the strain on operators from manual vacuuming
  • greenerEfficient energy use at 50W per hour
  • betterFree up staff to focus on other tasks

What is the co-botic 1700?

The co-botic 1700 is a smart, programmable vacuum robot that allows you to simply sit back and watch the cleaning magic happen before your eyes.

Intelligent software allows the co-botic 1700 to take your instructions on where to clean, offering a convenient and precise autonomous vacuum for your workplace. The co-botic 1700 also has a smart self-programming feature that maintains an efficient, effective and highly convenient autonomous vacuuming experience.

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Automated vacuum cleaning with the co-botic 1700 robotic vacuum

The co-botic 1700 vacuum robot allows you to take full control of where and when certain areas in your environment need to be cleaned. Set it to run after COB or while you attend to other cleaning tasks.

The i-team professional app gives you complete control of your fleet of vacuum robots, dividing your workspace into several zones, and allowing you to view daily information. This also allows you to create virtual boundaries in your environment, translating to a customised cleaning regimen tailored specifically for your needs. Here are a few examples of the co-botic 1700 in action.

i-team's co-botic 1700 - an Automated vacuum cleaning tasks
i-team's co-botic 1700 - an Automated vacuum cleaning tasks
i-team's co-botic 1700 - an Automated vacuum cleaning tasks
i-team's co-botic 1700 - an Automated vacuum cleaning tasks

What our customers say

Vacuum cleaning, automated

Card benefits
Maximum results with minimal effort

Combining the highly effective autonomous cleaning on offer in the co-botic 1700 with the human eye allows you to streamline your cleaning operations, allowing you and your team to focus on more important activities. The combination of operator and machine offers the perfect team for precise, detailed vacuuming and cleaning jobs.

Card benefits
Energy-efficient vacuuming

The co-botic 1700 can use as little as 50 W of energy in the space of an hour. In contrast, many of its competitor vacuum cleaners consume up to 1000 W. This efficient design directs its energy consumption to the cleaning task at hand, saving you time and money in the process.

Card benefits
270-minute run time per charge

The co-biotic 1700’s design offers high-performance robotic vacuuming for up to 270 minutes. With the help of an added battery, you can simply swap the packs over for non-stop operation.

Custamisable Options

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Recharge Docking Station

Before it’s out of power, the commercial robot vacuum can return to the optional charging dock to power it back up. Program the co-botic 1700 robot vacuum to clean floors after hours and always ensure a clean floor when arriving the next day.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Carry Weight


Size Body

350 x 350 x 98


400 mL

Diameter Of Tools

35 mm

Motor Power


Brush Speed


Cleaning Path


Duration Time

270 mins user time

Charge Time

240 minutes

Sound Level

73 dB / 67 db / 65 dB


0.3 m/s


16.8V / 5200 mAh

Included Accessories
i-team's co-botic 1700 start autonomously Remote


Use the remote to directly start autonomously cleaning a room, instead of using the App

i-team's co-botic 1700 HEPA filter - a removable dust exhaust air

HEPA filter

The removable dust collector is fitted with a HEPA filter to ensure clean exhaust air

Customisable Add Ons
i-team's co-botic 1700 recharge Docking station

Docking station

The docking station allows the co-botic 1700 to empty itself and recharge while docked

co-botic 1700 Resources & Maintenance

From daily use tips to troubleshooting and maintenance tutorials watch these videos that explain all facets using the co-botic 1700.

Resources & Maintenance

co-botic 1700 Frequently asked questions

How is the co-botic 1700 different to common domestic robots?

It comes with a 24 month commercial warranty and i-team has full control over the software capabilities.

What is the cleaning coverage per hour?

70 square meters per hour

Once an area is mapped, does the productivity increase in the subsequent cleans?

Yes, because once the plan has been created it optimises the cleaning path for the area.

Do I need to use the app?

Program the co-botic 1700 with the App, or allow it to program itself.

What is the max sqm per unit?

The max area recommended for each co-botic1700 is 300-400 square meters. Larger areas then this may require multiple units.

Can two 1700’s share one dumping station?


Download the co-botic 1700 App

The cobotic App is a mobile application designed to control and monitor the co-botic 1700 machines remotely. To download the App, simply click on the Google Play Store or Apple Store images below and install it straight on your device.


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How Does the Co-Botic 1700 Compare to a Domestic Robotic Vacuum

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