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Freestanding unit providing MERV19-rated pure air

Improve indoor air quality with i-air PRO

On average, people spend 90% of their time indoors. In the commercial buildings in which we work, eat and sleep, studies have shown that indoor air quality is up to 5 to 10 times worse than normal outdoor air. This means that, when indoors, we are exposed to a large number of airborne contaminants every day, having an immeasurable effect on individual wellbeing and productivity. In an increasingly health and socially conscious world, it is crucial that more attention is paid to ensuring indoor spaces have cleaner, healthier air.

The i-air PRO was designed with this requirement in mind: A new generation high capacity air purification device produced for medium-to-large spaces. This powerful unit is the only stand-alone unit designed for large areas of up to 500 square meters and delivering MERV19 rated air quality. The power of this air cleaning machine makes it suitable for areas such as commercial offices, medical clinics, schools, hotels, restaurants and more.

Time spent inside exposes us to airborne contaminants

Invisible contaminants threaten your health

  1. Microbiological contaminants

    The group of microbiological contaminants are made up of viruses, moulds, spores, bacteria as well as animal saliva and dander. The source of these can come from other humans, unsealed rubbish bins, pets, heating and air conditioning systems, kitchens and hazardous microbes in medical environments.

  2. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

    VOCs are a range of gaseous contaminants emanating from a solid and/or liquid form. Sources of VOCs can include cleaning solutions, pesticides, insecticides, building materials, cosmetics, paints and more.

  3. Particulate Matter (PM)

    Most airborne particulate matter is invisible to the naked eye. These particles are generally known as PM 2.5 or PM10 and are a mixture of solid and liquid particles suspended in the air. Most hazardous are particles smaller than 10 microns. The source of PM can include manufacturing or construction activity, vehicle exhausts and other mechanical activity.

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Improving indoor air quality in commercial buildings

High volume air purification

The i-air PRO air cleaning machine is designed for the commercial sector, where the demand is for the production of high volumes of clean air fast. The i-air PRO is much faster and higher capacity than competitive stand-alone products. With virtually no setup or installation required, you can begin to improve indoor air quality in minutes.


i-air removes all 3 kinds of air contaminants

Cleaner indoor air

Breathing poor quality indoor air has a very detrimental impact on health and wellbeing. The effects of low indoor air quality in commercial buildings can be both short and long term and the extent of these effects can be difficult to quantify. Effects can include headaches, increased heart attack risk, asthma, eye and skin irritation.

The i-air PRO incorporates FS-ACT technology, which targets all three kinds of air contaminants. The unique combination of the highest grade filtration technology and a kill chamber ensures the best possible air quality levels.


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Environmentally conscious cleaning

Low power usage

The i-air Pro also supports your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies. With low power usage and long-life filters, the operating costs of the i-air are low and there is minimal operating waste. The i-air PRO significantly reduces VOCs and other airborne contaminants and is one of the best ways you can improve indoor air quality. Demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and improving IAQ is crucial in today’s competitive market.


Improving health and safety

Unbeatable MERV 19 air quality

The i-air PRO produces MERV19 rated clean air which is almost unbeatable. MERV is a measure to describe the efficiency of particulate filtration systems in removing particles of a specific size from a stream of air. The higher the MERV rating, the better the purification efficiency, especially for smaller particles. MERV19 has a 99.99999% efficiency on 0.3 micron particulate matter.


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Cleaner air, better health

Better for everyone

There are many positives from improving indoor air quality. Higher productivity and improved health and safety benefits for building occupants are significant outcomes. Research studies prove that occupants are more productive in performing cognitive tasks in offices with better air quality, and the value for tenants is significant. A recent US study estimated that increasing ventilation at a cost of $14-$40 per occupant per year has an 8% productivity improvement for a value of $6,500 per occupant per annum.


Technical Specifications

Power requirement110/230V 50/60Hz
Energy ConsumptionLow 203W, Medium 210W, High 236W, Max 250W
Dimensions1273x684x334 mm
Fan motorDC 12V, long lifespan, non-stop use OK
Control Panel20 character, 4-line LCD display encoder
Air output (Low-Max)200-600m3/h
Housing materialMetal
Noise Level, 4 fan speedsLow 32dB, Medium 52dB, High 56 db, Max 61dB
EN 1822 filter classificationHEPA E12 ≥99,967% EPA E12 ≥99,900%
Main HEPA filter lifeUp to 24 months, with 24/7 operation, depends on PM contamination level
PM particle filtration at ≥0,2μ (H14)≥99,999%
VOC reduction (TVOC)≥95-97%
Microbiological contamination reduction level≥99,9999%
Output air quality, Merv standardMerv 19
Recommended room size250-500m2, depending on air contamination level
Max room sizeUp to 500m2
Neutralization chamberSelf-cleaning, long life, maintenance free 48 months (standard working mode, no boost function used)
Display languagesEnglish
Fan speed settings4
Control via local LANYes, dedicated website
UV lamps life statusReal Time control
Working modesManual/Automatic
Dust level, output airYes, LCD display
VOC level, output airYes, LCD display
Boost functionExtra neutralization power, highest VOC and microbes reduction level
Electrical safetyCE, EMC certification

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