i-scrub 21B

Twin counter rotating brushes

i-scrub 21B
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Swivel head – 360 degrees

The i-scrub 21b battery powered scrubber will fast become one of the most versatile tools in your cleaning arsenal. The 360° adjustable head allows access to all those hard to areas and applications: horizontal or vertical. Clean stair risers, walls and showers, tactiles and benchtops, and behind toilet bowls. The i-scrub 21b is a serious commercial cleaning machine, designed for long hours of deep scrubbing in hard-to-reach places.

Dual brush head

With a powerful motor that achieves 400 RPM through two discs, the i-scrub 21b is a high-performing industrial cleaning machine that allows the user to scrub any surface with extreme power. The counter-rotating allows you to apply extra downward pressure without losing control of the unit. Traditional single brush machines can be hard to handle due to the sideways torque of the head.

Every i-scrub 21b comes with a full range of scrubbing pads, as well as two different brush options for cleaning different surfaces. And it is not just hard surfaces - the i-scrub 21b can clean carpet and upholstery, as well with the supplied microfibre pads, designed for encapsulation cleaning.

With the optional harder brushes for the toughest scrubbing tasks, you can take on any cleaning challenge.

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Centralised controls

The height-adjustable telescopic wand is easily controlled at the grip. All your actions, switches and controls are within the reach of your fingertips. Manually dose your solution with the push of a button.

The i-scrub 21b is designed as a micro-scrubber with maximum cleaning power, without sacrificing operator ergonomics.

Technical Specifications

Size15 x 25 x 915~1270 mm
Power25 Watt
Battery14.4 V 6.6 Ah Lithium
Runtime150 minutes
Charge Time210 minutes
Brush Speed400 RPM
Noise Level72 dB
Scrub Width21cm
Minimal Clearance95mm
Warranty1 Year

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