i-scrub 26H

A revolutionary microfibre pad holder with integrated black light.

i-scrub 26H
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Trio split microfiber pads

Premium i-fibre pads with mesh backing and our patented TRIO SPLIT Technology. Our i-Fibre(add hyperlink to ifibre page) will give you the detail of this great technology.

Soft edge technology

With the soft edge technology on the i-scrub 26h you can dust and clean rounded areas such as sinks and cornices with even surface pressure, ensuring maximum dirt removal.

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Integrated black light

The black light is great for detecting invisible stains under everyday light and most importantly it kills microbes. Urine for example is notorious for soaking into carpets

Technical Specifications

Size (l x w x h)260 x 100 x 90 mm
Material machineABS797 PVC

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