Get to hard-to-clean areas

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1650 RPM Orbital deep cleaning machine

Decrease cleaning time and increase cleaning results

The i-scrub 21 B is the ultimate answer for those hard-to-clean areas like stairs, showers and behind toilet bowls. With the telescopic pole and the 360 degree adjustable head, the i-scrub 21 B scrubber can reach almost any area and clean it with ease. When looking for a portable scrubber that can clean any hard surface, the i-scrub 30 and i-scrub 30 B are the best scrubbers on the market. The vibration of the oscillating cleaning head provides extraordinary cleaning, scrubbing and polishing performance. With as many as 1650 RPM, the cleaning effect increases, and the other elements like water, chemicals and time are greatly reduced.


Smarter design

Better commercial cleaning performance

With powerful 400 RPM twin brushes, the i-scrub 21B allows the user to clean even the grubbiest of surfaces. You can even convert it to a handheld unit for polishing. The orbital motion of the i-scrub 30 range ensures better cleaning performance compared to the traditional single disc machines. Your floor is in safe hands with the i-scrub 30EM Pro and our range of professional industrial cleaning equipment.


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Reduce chemical usage

Environmentally-aware cleaning

The i-scrub 21B comes with a powerful lithium long life battery that lets you clean for at least 2 hours. Thanks to the 400 RPM counter rotating brushes, you can reduce time spent by 30% when compared to manual cleaning. The consumption of water and chemicals is reduced due to the high agitation of the oscillating brush and the easy to use dosing system on the i-scrub 30 range. The oscillating also keeps the liquids under the machine disc, making every drop count.



Ergonomic by design

Ergonomic design and very low weight make the i-scrub 21B ideal as a mechanical replacement for hard manual scrubbing. The telescopic handle of the i-scrub 21B takes away the need to bend or kneel to clean corners or hard-to-reach areas. The orbital motion of the i-scrub 30EM Pro gives excellent stability, making our commercial floor scrubbing machines a lot easier to control and reducing the strain on the operator.


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Empowered cleaning staff

Better for everyone

For that in-between where manual floor scrubbing takes too long and larger machines are too big, the i-scrub 21b is the perfect industrial cleaning machine. This compact powerpack helps achieve better commercial cleaning results in areas that before were a cleaner's Achilles' heel.


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