Washing windows without the struggle.

Say goodbye to shoulder injuries and back pain while cleaning windows, day-in, day-out. A revolutionary way of window cleaning that decreases the risk of physical strain at work. The i-suit is a mobile backpack with a steel tube attached and bent towards a pulley mechanism. This new design increases the productivity of cleaners as it allows you free movement and better visibility of your target area. The i-suit comes with special prisma glasses which enables the cleaners to look up without twisting their head. The i-suit is an eye catching innovation causing a radical change in professional window cleaning.

Backpack & lance

All of the weight is centered and lifted from the middle, and allows you free movement, less strain and better\ visibility of your target areas.

Fast on the job

Working with the telescopic pole in combination with the i-suit, allows you to work three times as fast.\ No more carrying and constantly replacing a ladder to reach the spots you want to clean.

i-suit glasses

We created glasses that borrow the elements of belay glasses: the #1 product for safety and security. This allows you to concentrate, and have a great overall vision of your work area.