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High-reach window cleaning support

Starting from: $1570

  • fasterWork 3x faster with the telescopic pole and i-suit combo
  • cleanerReduced strain enables precise, controlled cleaning
  • saferPrevents neck strains and discomfort from high-mounted window cleaning
  • betterImproved productivity and efficacy of the cleaning process

What is the i-suit?

The i-suit feels like a mobile backpack, with a steel tube attached to an industrial-grade pulley mechanism.

The perfected design of the i-suit was initially inspired by necessity. After 22 years as a window washing professional, the inventor developed debilitating shoulder and neck issues from unassisted cleaning. He knew there had to be a better way. Developing the i-suit allowed him to return to work while helping thousands of people worldwide!

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Cleaning high windows is no longer a pain in the neck

A squeegee and water pole don’t seem all that heavy until you’ve held one aloft for a few hours on a job. That, plus tilting one’s head up to look up at second and third-storey windows, creates a genuine OH&S risk for repetitive strain injuries.

The i-suit backpack and lance reduce strain on the body by redistributing pole weight to an operator’s centre of gravity, allowing for a neutral stance. The belay-style glasses give you great overall vision of your work area without putting strain on your neck by looking upwards for long periods.

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High-reach window cleaning support

Card benefits
Easy-to-use and 3x faster!

Working with a telescopic pole or water-fed pole in combination with the i-suit, operators can cover 3x more ground in around the same time. It also means no more carrying a ladder or needing to find a completely flat location to reach the spots you want to clean.

Card benefits
Pressure wash up high

The i-suit isn’t limited to window cleaning systems. Attach your pressure washer high-reach wand to make cleaning vertical surfaces, cornices, columns and facades with a breeze. Our rubber sleeves to fit in different pole sizes ranging from Ø 27, Ø 32 and Ø 38 mm

i-suit Belay-Style Glasses
Belay-Style Glasses

i-team’s belay glasses use prismatic lenses to look up without tilting one’s head back. Similar designs have been used in rock climbing for decades to avoid the neck strain associated with belaying. Our glasses magnify the reflection to increase visibility of the area being cleaned.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Weight Of Products



125 x 80 x 45cm


Glasses included

Included Accessories
i-suit - a Backpack & Lance

Backpack & Lance

The i-suit feels like a mobile backpack changing the way window washing is done forever

i-suit - a Clip on glasses from i-team


Unique 90° glasses allow you to look straight ahead and see your actions vertically

i-suit - a Integrated Pulley from i-team

Integrated Pulley

With the integrated pulley taking the weight, cleaning with one hand is a reality

i-suit - a Support tube from i-team

Support tube

Support tube for the i-suit

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