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i-cover 1.0

Portable disinfectant spray gun

Starting from: $1360

  • fasteri-power battery system enables all-day cleaning
  • cleaner4 nozzle options for different environments and coverage
  • saferErgonomic design prevents strains caused by traditional trigger sprayers
  • betterEasy and fun to use

What is the i-cover 1.0?

Disinfect across all dimensions with a commercial-quality cordless disinfectant machine. The lightweight design of i-cover 1.0 helps operators evenly apply a powerful, eco-friendly mist to kill germs on hard-to-reach surfaces that would otherwise be missed.

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Keep your premises covered with effective disinfecting

The i-cover 1.0 has been designed to make disinfection a more effective, streamlined and comfortable process. With superior operator ergonomics combined with our range of adaptable nozzle designs, the i-cover 1.0 remains a market-leading disinfectant spray machine.

With handheld, soft shoulder-strap, or back-mounted flexibility, the i-cover 1.0 offers superior operator comfort for even the largest disinfectant tasks.

What our customers say

Portable disinfectant spray gun

Card benefits
Treat 150 m2 on a single tank

Our efficient nebulising nozzles create a consistent micro-droplet mist for maximal coverage per millilitre of disinfectant. With a range of stainless steel nozzles, you have full control of the dispersion of our eco-friendly, pathogen-killing solutions.

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Disinfect large surfaces and small objects

The carefully engineered range of i-cover nozzles allows you to fine-tune the disinfectant mist with wide coverage for large walls or a narrow spray for tight spaces.

For very small spaces or fragile objects, use the yellow nozzle for the finest mist. For other indoor applications, use the green ‘fine’ mist nozzle. For food preparation, attach the orange ‘medium’ nozzle. For outdoors and walls, the blue ‘coarse’ mist nozzle is ideal.

Card benefits
Quality-made commercial disinfectant machine

i-cover 1.0 has been engineered with chemical and corrosion-resistant components. Lithium batteries are interchangeable, and key components can be easily replaced, which translates to less waste entering landfills.

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All-day cleaning on battery power

Keep cleaning for longer without needing to hunt for power outlets thanks to the long runtimes of i-team interchangeable batteries. With an additional set of i-power batteries, you can keep on sanitising hour after hour in large areas or high-traffic situations.

Customisable Option

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Backpack Harness Option

Designed to keep hands free for faster, easier cleaning, the i-cover 1.0 backpack harness has quick-release straps for when solo cleaners need to replace the solution canister.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Total Weight



30 x 23 x 27cm

Working Reach



11hours with i-power 9, 18hours with i-power 14 & 26hour with i-power 20

Tank Volume



2 x tanks included, for changing during operation


1 x i-power 9, 14 or 20

Charge Time (i-charge 2)

5-6hours for i-power 9, 7-8hours for i-power 14 & 7-8hours for i-power 20

Charge Time (i-charge 9)

60-70min for i-power 9 & 90-100min for i-power 14 & 120min for i-power 20

Included Accessories
i-cover 1.0 Stainless steel nozzles from i-team

Stainless steel nozzles

4 nozzle options for different environments and coverage

i-team's i-cover Removable tanks

Removable tanks

Packaged with a second tank, enabling continuous cleaning

i-team's i-cover Hand & Shoulder Straps

Hand & Shoulder Straps

Carry it in your hand or over your shoulder

Customisable Add Ons
i-team's i-cover 1.0 Batteries & Charger

Batteries & Charger

Choose between the i-power 9 & 14 batteries and i-charge 2 & 9 chargers

i-cover 1.0 Backpack from i-team


Convert the i-cover 1.0 into a backpack for excellent ergonomics

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