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Gum and graffiti remover

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Remove gum on carpet, pavers, concrete, tiles and metal — 6 seconds is all it takes.

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What is the i-remove?

The i-remove dissolves gum fast for easy residue removal with a simple damp cloth. Using steam and liquid sugar beads, it makes light work of gum and many adhesives without leaving a sticky spot to gather dirt again. It’s also safe for the operator, with no harsh chemicals required.

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Best gum removal method

With the i-remove, 6 seconds is all it takes to safely dissolve gum and make your surfaces clean again. At the stain treatment site, our specially designed brush emits a safe, pH-neutral enzyme steam mixture to dissolve the chewing gum, which can then be brushed away.

There are no messy hoses or runoff from high-pressure water blasting; another common gum removal technique. The i-remove uses just the correct amount of pre-diluted detergent. i-remove is the safest gum removal technique with no dangerous fumes or heat present at the stain site.

What our customers say

Environmentally friendly gum removal

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Never a backbreaking chore

The i-remove gum removing machine has been designed for ease of portability with an inbuilt handle and transport wheels, as well as a comfort-fitted backpack option, ensuring operator safety even with prolonged use.

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Charge fast, remove more

With i-power 9 or i-power 14 batteries and the fast-charger, operators can swap out one battery set and keep cleaning large spaces. i-remove is the best gum removal tool for councils and those who service public areas such as airports, train stations and stadiums.

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Save your resources

Improve your cleaning methods to save on labour costs. Safer methods like i-remove also reduce the chances of an expensive OH&S incident. The low-water usage of i-remove helps businesses meet their environmental goals.

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Suitable for almost any surface

Use it on hardwood, soft floors, carpet, tarmac, doors, cabinets, plywood, concrete or steel. The i-remove operates at maximum capacity to remove sticky residue anywhere.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Weight Excl. Batteries


Size Body

34.7 x 33 x 50cm

Tank Capacity


Max. Temperature


Power Source

2 x i-power 9 or 14 batteries


80min with i-power 9 & 100min with i-power 14

Fluid Consumption

+- 2L per hour

Charge Time (i-charge 2)

5-6hours for i-power 9 & 7-8hours for i-power 14

Charge Time (i-charge 9)

60-70min for i-power 9 & 90-100min for i-power 14

Included Accessories

Concentrate solution

1L Gum remover solution


Various brushes for different surfaces


Highly portable with the integrated backpack harness

Customisable Add Ons

Batteries & Chargers

Choose between the i-power 9 & 14 batteries and i-charge 2 & 9 chargers

i-remove Frequently asked questions

What chemicals should be used?

The i-remove should be used with Gum Remover Solution which dissolves gum rather than removing it. By using the specially designed i-remove solution there will be no remaining sticky chewing gum residue to get dirty again. The Gum Remover Solution can be purchased through your dedicated sales representative.

What surfaces can I use the i-remove on?

The i-remove is effective on indoor and outdoor surfaces and has interchanging heads to use on different exteriors. For example, a non-scratch nylon bristled agitation head is provided for carpet and polished floors, as well as a durable steel bristled agitation head for use on concrete and pavers. It's also highly effective on matting. 

You can use the i-remove on carpet, pavers, concrete, metal and on basically any surface.

How long do the tips last?

On a smooth surface like polished concrete, it will last approximately 1000 pieces of gum. The rougher the surface the quicker it will wear.

What is the warranty cover?

The i-remove is packaged with a 24-month commercial warranty from the date of purchase, except common wear items.

What maintenance is required?

The BATTERY VERSION I-GUM machine requires very little maintenance. Wipe down the machine periodically with a clean cloth. Wipe down the lance, and change the new brushfor the lance when required. DO NOT spray water directly over the top of machine or top connector cap.

  • During interruptions of the cleaning process, always place the lance into the holder of body. And always place the machine upright on dry floor surface.
  • When the water drop disk is full, please empty and wash it, and then install back to body.
  • The yellow rubber bung must be pushed to the inlet hole, when you finish the fluid input. Otherwise dirt will infect the water tank.
  • DO NOT put any other fluid into the tank unless approved by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure the batteries are charged 100% on the first charge.
  • The top cap for hose connector is assembled by the factory,
  • DO NOT disassemble the hose connector cap unless qualified.

Featured Case Study

Removing Chewing Gum In Schools With The i-remove

Chewing gum is a nightmare for school cleaners and business managers. Its removal is costly, involving the use of external contractors or significant additional in-house labour.

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