Create inviting hospitality spaces with the best quality floor cleaning equipment

Guest and visitors to hospitality establishments expect high standards of cleanliness as part of their stay. Ensuring visitors hygiene expectations are met is the #1 priority of Housekeeping Managers, and there are a broad range of cleaning aspects to be considered for.

Commercial bathroom cleaning, soft and hard floor cleaning, surface cleaning and linen services are just part of the multi-faceted cleaning equation. Ensuring that commercial cleaning processes are as efficient as possible is just as crucial as it is to ensure that cleanliness standards are being met. To ensure the best results can be achieved at the lowest possible cost, the use of the best available floor cleaning equipment is necessary.

Liberation from the cord

Cleaning soft and hard surfaces with cordless floor cleaning machines liberates cleaners in your facility and can dramatically reduce time spent cleaning. The range of obstructions in the hotel environment means that corded machines limit the movement and productivity of housekeeping staff. The i-team range of non-corded equipment, including the i-mop floor scrubber dryer, solves these issues, empowering operators to achieve the best cleaning results.

i-team floor cleaning equipment

Reduce chemical usage in hotel cleaning

i-team’s wide range of products help tackle cleaning the various surfaces found in the hotel environment. For lighter cleaning methods, our i-fibre products with the integrated trio split fibre technology help reduce chemical usage by up to 60%, and the various heads and attachments means curved and vertical surfaces can be quickly and efficiently cleaned.

i-team with i-mop and i-fibre

Clean dirty bathroom areas

The i-scrub21b combines double disc scrubbing power with a highly flexible head angle and telescopic pole to allow deep cleaning in tight spaces.

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Clean dirty bathroom areas

What gets measured, gets managed

Implementing a periodic hygiene testing and monitoring program will enable you to constantly refine your commercial cleaning processes. As new surfaces are developed and buildings are refurbished, the methods and tools used in housekeeping will need to be adjusted to ensure optimum hygiene standards are maintained.

The use of technologies like the i-scrub 26h with the inbuilt black light will allow you to identify remaining soil after cleaning has been completed. And with our i-know kit, you can digitally monitor surface cleanliness and floor slip levels. The ATP testing enables hotel leadership to check whether surfaces and touchpoints are being cleaned satisfactorily, with the resultant adjustments to commercial cleaning processes helping to ensure a premium guest experience is maintained.

i-know kit

High quality hotel cleaning

With the i-team cordless vacuum cleaners, the i-scrub range and the i-fibre range, cleaning quality can be vastly improved whilst reducing cleaning time.

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High quality hotel cleaning