High-quality industrial floor cleaning

The various areas of industrial facilities, from workshops to washrooms to cleanrooms, require a diverse range of solutions to maintain a productive environment and meet OHS requirements. The proven range of i-team floor cleaning equipment along with other solutions to enable true (4D) multi-dimensional cleaning are designed to support operations in all types of industrial and commercial premises.

Warehouses and distribution facilities

Cleaning industrial-type areas is a challenge due to their variable types of flooring and obstructions. Talk to a representative about how to start cleaning more efficiently.

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Warehouses and distribution facilities

Mobility and floor cleaning efficiency

Keeping the workshop floor clean is a top priority for the efficient operation of any facility, as well as the health and safety of staff and any visitors. The workshop floor is filled with all kinds of moving and fixed objects, meaning that any floor cleaning method needs to be able to quickly manoeuvre around obstacles. The i-mop XXL is a high-capacity commercial cleaning powerhouse, a high-performing scrubber dryer, with the ability to clean more than 2000m2 in under an hour. As one of the fastest commercial cleaning machines, this proven performer has an interchangeable i-power battery system, meaning you can keep operating with a second set of batteries while the first set is on charge, then swap them out. This battery rotation system, when combined with the supercharger charging system, gives you the ability to clean 24/7.

There are a range of i-team machines to clean every area of your facility, placing the highest priority on worker safety and satisfaction with easy to use controls, ergonomic designs and high quality construction. Our autoscrubber, the i-mop, and other innovative technologies improve commercial cleaning performance, reduce operating costs, and empower your workforce.

imop xxl industrial workshop floor scrubber

Check out the i-mop xxl

This high-performance autoscrubber gives you higher levels of cleaning productivity, flipping the script on how a large walk-behind industrial floor scrubber should feel, handle and look.

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Check out the i-mop xxl

Cleaner, safer, greener and faster cleaning

Rather than trying to incrementally improve existing products, we think about cleaning equipment and processes in innovative new ways, ensuring that every product design delivers an improvement on each of these aspects in order to fit within the i-team range.

The i-matt floor matting system is part of our floor cleaning equipment suite and dramatically workshop safety, with the adhesive backing ensuring the mat does not move around on the floor. Not only that, the i-matt's unique technology means it can be cleaned with the i-mop floor scrubber, ensuring the highest levels of workplace hygiene.

i-matt industrial workshop matting