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Fast foam cleaning system

Starting from: $345

  • faster1m² cleaned in 1s saves up to 50% working time
  • cleanerActive foam bubbles cling to vertical surfaces, delivering a cleaner result
  • safer2-3 times lighter, easing strain on wrist, arm, shoulder, and back
  • greenerSave 25% chemicals and 50% water vs traditional foam cleaners
  • betterEU Ecolabel awarded for CleaningTab 1, 9 and 12

What is the i-spraywash?

Cleaning 1 m2 per second, the i-spraywash system saves 48% on labour, proven in tests against conventional foaming guns. There’s no time spent on pre-mixing. Simply place an i-spraywash tablet into the canister, connect it to water, and you’re away.

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The i-spraywash foam gun cuts cleaning time with smart-foam technology

i-spraywash uses a tablet and a special nozzle that creates an Active Foam that really sticks to the surface.

Active Foam bubbles are lighter, clinging longer to vertical surfaces compared to heavy conventional foam bubbles, which run quickly to the ground — sending your cleaning chemical budget down the literal drain.

The i-spraywash system ensures that the solution will work on vertical surfaces for the full dwell time for an improved clean.

i-spraywash Sports & Leisure - cuts cleaning time
Sports & Leisure
i-spraywash Commercial Kitchens - cuts cleaning time
Commercial Kitchens
i-spraywash Aquatic Centers - cuts cleaning time
Aquatic Centers
i-spraywash Waste Management - cuts cleaning time
Waste Management
i-spraywash Public Restrooms - cuts cleaning time
Public Restrooms

What our customers say

Fast foam cleaning system

Card benefits
Inbuilt adjustable dosing

Adjust the dosage on the fly with the integrated dosage control dial.

Card benefits
Save water, chemicals and time

Stop pouring your cleaning chemical budget down the drain. The Active Foam of i-spraywash means less foam running down to the floor and more time working its magic on the upright surface.

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Cleans and disinfects

Choose from three different i-spraywash cleaning tablets and two types of disinfectant tablets depending on the task at hand. These have been developed as mild formulations for regular maintenance cleaning. See heavy-duty solutions.

Card benefits
Save your resources

Improve your cleaning methods to save on labour costs. Safer methods also reduce the chances of an expensive OH&S incident. And faster spray-cleaning means less water wasted to reduce your environmental impact.

Optional Extras

Card benefits
CleaningTab 1 (pH: 1,5)

For periodic descaling of all surfaces that can withstand water, including walls, floors, tables, mirrors, equipment, machinery and inventory. Effective against limescale and to prevent limescale build-up.18 tabs per box.

Card benefits
CleaningTab 9 (pH 9,5)

For daily and heavy cleaning of all surfaces that can withstand water, including walls, floors, tables, equipment, machinery and inventory. Effective against body fat, animal fat, vegetable oils, fats and dirt. 18 tabs per box.

Card benefits
CleaningTab 12 (pH: 12)

For heavy cleaning in very dirty conditions that can withstand water, including walls, floors, tables, equipment, machinery and inventory. Effective against body fat, animal fat, vegetable oils, fats and dirt. 18 tabs per box.

Card benefits
DesTab (pH: 4,5)

Active oxygen disinfection and cleaning all surfaces that can withstand water, including walls, floors, tables, equipment, machinery and inventory. Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi, biofilm and for odour control. 18 tabs per box.

Card benefits
ChlorTab Extra (pH: 6,0)

Chlorine disinfection and cleaning surfaces that can withstand water, including walls, floors, tables, equipment, machinery and inventory. Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, biofilm and for odour control. 18 tabs per box.

Card benefits
Gardena & Nito Connections

i-spraywash has two versions. You can either complement it with a Gardena click fitting or a Nito fitting for the water hose.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Weight With Foamsprayer


Size With Foamsprayer

34 x 19cm

Weight With Rinse Nozzle


Size With Rinse Nozzle

15.5 x 16cm

Water Pressure


Max. Using Temperature


Min. Using Temperature

Included Accessories
i-spraywash Gardena or Nito starter kits from i-team

Starter kit

Choose between Gardena or Nito starter kits

Customisable Add Ons
i-team's i-spraywash Waterpack - flex hose and fittings


Good quality high flex hose and fittings

i-spraywash Tablets - cleaning and disinfection tasks


Choose from 5 tablets for different cleaning and disinfection tasks

i-team's i-spraywash Tablet holders colour-coded

Tablet holders

Use colour-coded tablet holders to store leftover tablets for next time

i-spraywash Frequently asked questions

What is the main difference between i-spraywash and conventional foamers?

There are many differences between i-spraywash and most foam systems available in the market in the world.

First of all, i-spraywash is based on tablet technology whereas conventional foamers are used in combination with liquid chemicals.When working with tabs, you not only use green chemicals, you’re also making a great choice for the planet saving lots of water, plastics, transportation, CO2, crude oil etc.

The i-spraywash concept is also a lot faster, easier to operate and with integrated dosing and colour coding available, it’s also a safer and better choice.i-spraywash changes the way you think about foam cleaning and is designed to be used in many different applications.

Why and how is the foam effect different with i-spraywash?

i-spraywash covers the surfaces with active and intelligent foam faster than otherapplication systems. The combination of the concentrated green surfactant-based tablets s and the specially designed foam nozzle, creates a thin layer of high-cling foam, covering 1 m2 in only 1 second.

The thin layer of foam comprises a large proportion of microbubbles that provide a highdegree of coverage of the entire surface, providing a more persistent and effective coveragethan conventional macrobubble foams typical of most foamers in the market.When working with thin, light small-bubble foams, there is less foam runoff on vertical surfaces due to gravity.That’s why we say, “less is more”.

You can cover the surfaces faster, with less chemical and less waste (from heavy foam runoff) on the floor. This in turn enables faster rinsing with much lower volumes of rinse water.

I’m used to use conventional foamers and it looks like there is less foam on the surface with i-spraywash?

i-spraywash is designed to improve the foam cleaning known for many years. Conventional foamers are heavy, based on liquid chemicals and they have a ”centralized spray pattern”, providing heavy and lots of foam on a small area. Most of this foam runs down fast from the vertical surface, ending up on the floor.

With i-spraywash you do get less foam, but this is part of the innovation and why i-spraywash is a new way of cleaning. If your dosing of the tabs is correct, you will clean with a nice, thin layer of active foam in a faster, greener and safer way. When spraying with the i-spraywash green surfactant based-foam, you will have a broaderspread of a thin filmed foam, which provides longer contact time. The heavier, and larger thebubbles in the foam are, the faster it will run down to the floor- this is the case with regular, conventional foams.

i-spraywash is a new way of thinking foam cleaning. REMEMBER: It’s only the foam in contact with surface that’s doing a cleaning job!

I’m using i-spraywash in an environment with white tiles on the wall. How do I tell if there is any foam on the surface?

You can tell if you look closely to the surface. If you use the CleaningTab 9 or CleaningTab 12 you can even feel it with your fingers when touching the sprayed surface.

For instance, if you spray with the CleaningTab 9 (daily cleaning in most environments), you should be able to feel the surfactants between your fingers (feels like soap).

If the surface is dried out before we get back to rinse, what do we then do?

With i-spraywash you only have a contact time of 2-5 minutes. How long the foam is active and wet on the surface, depends on the dosing on the surface and the environment where it’s used (temperature, humidity etc.).

If the dosing is a bit low, the active foam tends to dry out faster. If you experience the surface is “dried out” before you get back to rinse, it would be better to clean in smaller “zones”, for instance cleaning one shower block at the time.

If you experience that the foam has dried out on the surface, you simply just rinse with water. If needed you might need to scrub with i-fibre, an ordinary cleaning pad or for instance with i-scrub 21B.

How do you apply the foam in the most effective way?

First, it’s all about moving the hand fast when spraying with i-spraywash. When used correctly, you should be able to foam (spray) 1 m2 in just one second, even down to 0,66 seconds when really experienced.

Secondly, it’s the best to spray from the bottom to the top, and work from side to side.Start down in one corner, work you way to the other side and the move up and do the same again. Once you’ve learned this you will discover how fast for instance a shower block is cleaned.

When rinsing with water it’s the opposite. Start from the top, spray from one side to the other and then move down and repeat.

Featured Case Study

i-spraywash Active Foam Vs Regular Foaming Guns

There are many industrial foam cleaning systems on the market; however, most miss the mark when it comes to optimal results. Wastage of chemicals – and time – are two key drawbacks, both of which are due to less-than-desirable problems with foaming. The i-spraywash, hailed as being faster, cleaner, greener, safer and more ergonomically friendly than most conventional foam cleaners, also boasts one fundamental difference – it produces a unique foaming system called Active Foam.

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Curious about the i-spraywash? Watch our disinfectant foam machine videos to learn more: