Amiliston Cleaning Services

Tell us a little bit about your business – the where, what, how & when!

We have a cleaning business in Batemans Bay and service the South Coast. We have been operating now for 7 years and have 7 employees. We do all types of cleaning including domestic and commercial.

What made you choose the i-mop?

I have a bad back and was looking for a lighter machine that could polish floors. I came across the i-mop from an email that was sent from ABCO, talk about good timing.

easy moving i-mop

What have been the benefits of using the i-mop?

I use to lug around a heavy floor polisher pulling in and out of the van. The I-mop is so much lighter and easier to use. It has almost cut my cleaning time down by half and it leaves the floor looking cleaner than it ever has.

What sort of areas (i.e. kitchens, bathrooms etc) and what types of floors do you clean with the i-mop?

I have a number of different commercial jobs that I use the i-mop on. There are a couple of car showrooms with porcelain tiles which I use the blue brush with red pads. I clean an industrial site that gets very dirty. I lightly spray the floor with the tile and grout cleaner and then scrub the floor with the red brushes.

i-mop display

How were you previously cleaning your floors? How does the i-mop compare?

I was previously cleaning floors with a polyvac polisher. The i-mop leaves the floor looking way more cleaner.

Do you use the i-mop yourself? If so, what is it that you like about it? If it is your staff, what do they like about it?

Both myself and some of the staff use the i-mop. I like the i-mop because it is light and easy to use. I like that The i-mop can do 3 jobs at once, mop, scrub and vacuum.

Amiliston i-mop

How hard is it to maintain your i-mop?

The i-mop is easy to maintain. After each use I quickly wipe the i-mop down. I take of the brushes and squeegee and rinse them under water. I take the bottle off and rinse the filter.

If there was one thing you could change with the i-mop, what would it be?

I would like an attachment that you could take of and use to get into corners.

i-mop brushes