Cleaning Luxury Apartments With The i-mop


Apartment living is the lifestyle choice for many modern families.

There are some obvious benefits: your own private home, the convenience of shared, on-demand facilities, and the lack of any outdoor maintenance – it's an attractive proposition which is becoming increasingly popular.

Residents come with high expectations, so maintaining the appearance of a luxury apartment block after opening is key. This requires a high standard of cleaning in the common areas, which are often finished with quality substrates such as natural stone, which needs the right cleaning equipment and process to maintain a premium appearance.

The ARIA apartments in Swanbourne, Western Australia are high quality luxury apartments designed and built to the highest standard. By using the i-mop – the ultimate floor cleaning machine – they ensure their floors look top notch.

We recently payed a visit to ARIA to meet with Rhys from TMS Services, the contractor responsible for maintaining the public areas.

Here are some key insights from the TMS team on how using the i-mop has helped improve and maintain the floors at ARIA Apartments.

  • The i-mop xl is used to clean all hard floor surfaces including flamed granite in the lobby areas, granite pavers outside, natural stone in the kitchen areas, and composite timber decking in the poolside area
  • The hard red brushes are used on the flamed granite floor (slightly rougher surface) while the regular blue brushes are used on other areas
  • The i-mop is used as part of the daily cleaning process
  • All areas can be cleaned without needing to recharge the i-mop
  • A neutral floor cleaner is used on all areas, simplifying the cleaning routine
  • The i-mop is even used to clean over the tactiles at the base of the ramp to the outdoor area!
  • The previous contractor was using alternative floor cleaning procedures. Since TMS first took over the contract and started using the i-mop to clean the floors on a daily basis, they have seen the flooring appearance gradually improve over time.
  • The i-mop has had very low maintenance or repair costs as TMS ensure that all staff are inducted and trained by a supervisor before they operate the machine.

Rhys from TMS on why the i-mop is such a great floor cleaning machine:

“The amount of dirt the i-mop removed in the first 2 weeks was amazing. The owners were saying “What have we been paying these guys for?” (Regarding the previous contractor)

“It’s just easier. Staff like using it.”

“I don’t know why you wouldn’t use an i-mop!”