The i-mop lite helps medical centres stay clean

We were recently invited to demonstrate the i-mop lite – the smallest and most compact edition of the i-mop family – in a dentistry setting.

Using the best cleaning equipment to clean medical centres is an opportunity for medical professionals to ensure their facilities meet the highest hygiene standards. In a time when the spread of infection and risk of cross contamination is front of mind, this has never been more important.

Check out the manoeuvrability and ease of use of the i-mop lite as it cleans a dentist's treatment room in the video below.

The i-mop lite’s floor cleaning power comes from the dual brushes spinning at 500 revolutions per minute. This gives the i-mop a dirt removal rating of around 97% compared with the 30-40% of dirt that is removed by conventional mopping methods!

In addition, the unique design of the i-mop range – the only floor cleaning machines with no axle and no wheels to take any of the operating weight – means that the full weight of the machine is sitting on the brushes.

The result? Maximum scrubbing power, and more hygienic floors.

The i-mop lite includes the full range of brushes and pads for cleaning different floor surfaces. The blue brushes (seen in the above video) are standard with every i-mop. These are ideal for cleaning the commercial vinyl floors found in most medical centres.