i-mop Vs Standard Mop: The Results Are In


Compared with regular mopping systems, cleaning a floor with the i-mop offers some significant technical advantages that theoretically should result in a cleaner floor with lower levels of dirt and bacteria.

Let’s review some of the features of the i-mop:

  • 350rpm brushes – substantially more mechanical action to remove soil compared with mop movements
  • Fresh cleaning solution is continually being applied as the machine moves forward.
  • All dirty solution is vacuumed up, rather than being spread around the floor the way a regular mop does.

But how do these technical differences translate to real measurable results? Does it actually make any difference to your floor?

We put the science to the test using ATP testing to measure the difference in floor cleanliness after cleaning with a regular mop versus the i-mop.

We were amazed at what we found:

  • Cleaning the floor with the i-mop reduced the ATP readings by 99.4% vs a reduction of 78.5% in the area cleaned with regular commercial mopping.
  • “After” test results prove the section of floor cleaned with the I-mop had an ATP reading over 75 times lower than the area cleaned with regular mopping.