i-mop Helps Fine Food WA Improve Their Cleaning

Food & Beverage

When it comes to cleaning in food production facilities, the need for fast, efficient, and effective processes has never been more important than in today’s highly regulated environment.

Food industry cleaning equipment should be of a high standard and must allow cleaning operators to get their daily tasks done as quickly as possible, without overlooking any part of the facility that could harbour bacteria and food scraps (which could contaminate future production runs).

One of the largest aspects of a food production cleaning regimen is hard floor cleaning. But, in commercial environments where large amounts of solid food scraps end up on the floor and get ground into non-slip flooring surfaces, it can be very difficult to do effectively.

Fine Food WA decided to make the move from traditional floor cleaning equipment such as standard mops, deck scrubs and squeegees to the i-mop xl, our industrial floor mop machine. The i-mop xl helps Fine Food WA ensure the highest food hygiene and product quality throughout their food manufacturing facility. We recently popped in to see the facility in action and to understand more about how the i-mop helped them improve their floor cleaning processes.

fine foods

Some key insights from Fine Food WA’s review of the i-mop:

  • The i-mop xl has eliminated manual floor scrubbing previously done with deck scrubs and squeegees.
  • A substantial amount of time has been saved from their updated fast floor cleaning process.
  • The i-mop xl’s agility has meant they can clean both large and small areas efficiently. The i-mop xl is used to clean production, storage and storage/wash-down room floors.
  • When vegetables scraps get ground into the non-slip floor surface during the manufacturing process, the hard red brushes on the i-mop have helped to ensure effective soil removal.
  • Ground-in soil, that could not be removed with manual scrubbing, can be removed with the i-mop.
  • Periodical deep scrubs where solution is left on the floor and scrubbed for 10 minutes are necessary to help ensure the floor appearance is maintained.
  • Due to the oily nature of the environment and the rough non-slip floor, fitting the optional stainless steel casters and oil resistant squeegee rubbers to the i-mop has been recommended to ensure longevity of these components.

It was also great to hear from the proprietor on his experience with the i-mop:

"Normal scrubbers were too big and cumbersome."

"The i-mop is easy to use…It has cut our floor cleaning time down substantially."

"We are very happy with it."

See what Garth has to say about the i-mop in the video below.