The i-mop is so good, Murray Wants to Keep it a Secret From His Competitors

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i-team recently caught up with one of our clients based in the beautiful Wairarapa region of New Zealand to shed some insight on how our range of products has helped him serve with clients with exceptional results while expanding his business.

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Murray Griffin is the founder of FL42Sealing Limited, a 24-hour commercial cleaning service that operates across Masterton, Carterton, Greytown, Featherston and Martinborough. He’s focussed on providing his clients with a revolutionary cleaning experience that offers superior results in record time and says the i-mop has played a key role.

Murray Griffin, founder of FL4Sealing Limited

The major problem for Murray, though, is that he’s afraid to let the cat out of the bag and give his competitors a sneak peek at his secrets. He says that the i-mop has impressed so many of his clients that he’s worried about competitors in the commercial cleaning sector using the same i-team products, and gaining his competitive advantage.

In our conversation, Murray impressed us with his humility, his passion and drive for the FL42Sealing business, his personal approach to business development, as well as a relentless commitment to revolutionising the cleaning experience for his clients.

We talked about his experiences with growing his business, and how the i-mop has transformed his cleaning services and looks set to help facilitate his future business expansion.

“I started out on my own, and the business has now been in operation for two years,” Murray says, adding that “I now have the Waggs Auto Group onboard, as well as all the offices for the Property Brokers here in the Wairarapa region, and I support the Greytown community gym as a free service once a week."

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“Now I'm looking at expanding next year, with a business profile introducing myself personally. They’re going to get me knocking on their door, with a lot of personable interactions with new clients, reminding them that this is revolutionised cleaning.”

In order to revolutionise the cleaning experience for his clients, Murray needed to match his words with actions, and a product line-up that can meet those bold promises. As he explains,“I stepped right away from your conventional mops,bucketsandrags. Now, it’s all microfibre pads, colour-coded working stations and brushes, working with equipment like thei-mop.”

“What I’m trying to do is be up-front, so my clients can see exactly what I’m using, to make sure I'm in-line with cleaning protocols, so the challenge here is trying to change the expectations of commercial cleaning.”

Murray says he recognised the need to revolutionise commercial cleaning after noticing that the sector and the services on offer hadn’t changed in-line with recent technological advancements, and clients weren’t being offered the next-generation of products and services.

the i-mop is a powerful commercial floor scrubber

“The reason I started this is because cleaning hasn’t changed, and people that clean haven’t changed their methods. To rock on up with a bucket of rags and commercial cleaning products, none of these clients are realising what’s being used, how it’s being used, and how all the procedures are being met.”

“What I’m trying to do is be up-front, so my clients can see exactly what I’m using, to make sure I'm in-line with cleaning protocols, so the challenge here is trying to change the expectations of commercial cleaning.”

He first came in contact with the i-mop range after his wife’s brother, who maintains i-team products in Auckland, told him to forget what’s on offer from the bold promises from other sales people. “He told me, quite simply, ‘Murray: get the i-mop; there’s seriously nothing like it on the market.”

Murray says that almost immediately, the results and time-saving benefits on offer with the i-mop were well-worth the investment after noticing the glowing and immediate customer feedback.

“I was using a microfibre mop and bucket system, and I work with a car dealership with two massive showroom floors. The owner, Pat, was having real difficulties keeping it clean. Ever since I brought the i-mop onboard, he’s not having to look at getting the floors polished, and it’s taking me 25-35 minutes to complete both showroom floors; before the i-mop, the same job was taking me an hour and ten minutes.”

the i-mop is ideal for a car dealership

Looking past the time-savings, Murray says that the i-mop has also helped to provide results that last longer than conventional floor cleaning, which means he doesn’t need to repeat the same task on a daily basis.

“The i-mop goes over those tile floors beautifully,” he says.“I’m only using filtered water, I'm not using any chemicals at all, because I go over with a dust mop first before thei-mop comes in. I’m finding that with thei-mop, I’m not having to do the floors every night, either, saving me even more time.”

“I’m only using filtered water, I'm not using any chemicals at all,”

Once Murray got his hands on an i-mop, he says it’s been impossible to use anything else, considering just how out-dated it makes a traditional mop and bucket system look. “What I think the i-mop brings to the table more than any other product, especially using something like a mop and bucket, is that the i-mop makes the mop and bucket look so ancient,” he says.

“Every time you put a mop to mortar, as soon as you’ve used it once, you’re just passing dirty water across the floor. With the i-mop, clean water hits the surface, and dirty water comes straight off the surface... it’s absolutely brilliant.”

So far, Murray has had extremely positive feedback from his clients who can barely believe the results that he is offering in such a short period of time.

The i-air is a unique commercial air purifier

“Not only does the i-mop help me, it helps my clients who can see the difference. I have testimonials from each of the businesses I work with saying they can’t believe how clean their floors are. They’re even getting comments from customers walking into their establishment, realising how clean the tiled floors are.”

“Those reviews are a reflection of the equipment I'm using, including the i-mop. I wouldn’t have a business like this if I didn’t have the right equipment with me.”

“Not only does the i-mop help me, it helps my clients who can see the difference.”

As we wrapped up our conversation, Murray explained that opening up his treasure trove of secrets is a bitter-sweet moment. He realises the need to be transparent as he expands and continues to provide excellent cleaning results, however, this means that his competitors get a sniff at his secrets, too.

“Unfortunately, though, it’s a shame that after all this hard work, I’ll have to share my secrets with my competitors. It’s a double-edged sword, isn’t it. I’m trying to revolutionise cleaning, and how cleaning should be done, but that means I'm sharing my knowledge and information with my competitors.”

“I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but I have to. To be revolutionary, I need to show my clients what I’m doing, and that includes the equipment I’m using.”

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