How To Clean Cork Floors

In the most general terms, there are two different types or processes for cleaning cork floors. The first and most common is what we call “Maintenance Cleaning” or light cleaning. This is a regular cleaning process (ie daily or weekly) and is designed to maintain a good level of floor hygiene and appearance. The second type of floor cleaning is referred to as “Deep Cleaning”, where you apply a more intensive process to achieve a substantial improvement in floor appearance.

Here we break down these 2 types of floor cleaning. We have focused on cleaning with the i-mop; however, you could apply these steps with most types of floor cleaning machines.

Maintenance cleaning:

  1. Dust mop or sweep floor to remove dust, hair and debris.

  2. Use safety signage to warn passers by that cleaning is in progress and floors may be slippery.

  3. Fill i-mop solution tank with water

  4. If required, add chemicals.

    (Note: Unless your floor is particularly dirty, we recommend only adding chemical every 2ndtime you clean your cork floor. Regular cleaning with just water helps ensure you avoid soil-attracting chemical residue build-up):

    a. Insert the appropriate i-dose pod into the i-dose chamber:

    i. Bathroom floors: use i-dose E33 Washroom cleaner (Pink)\ ii. Kitchen or workshop floors: use i-dose E73 Degreaser (Green)\ iii. General areas: use i-dose E33 Sanitary Floor cleaner (Blue)

    b. Press i-dose injector button to dispense chemical into tank.

    c. If you do not have an i-dose tank, manually dilute chemical into i-mop tank according to chemical manufacturers recommendations

  5. Select and attach brushes. Refer to the i-mop Accessories Guide for further information on brush options, however the recommended options for cleaning cork floors are;

    a. Pad drives with either red pads, or (in the case of very soft floors or very high gloss floors) white pads.

    b. Light blue soft brushes.

  6. Lower the i-mop deck and turn i-mop control knob to normal cleaning mode (brush, water & vacuum) to begin cleaning the floor. Refer to our Operator Training Video for detailed Operator instructions. For maximum efficiency, cleaning in long straight lines, overlapping slightly.

  7. Anytime you need to refill the solution tank, ensure you empty the recovery tank.

Deep cleaning vinyl floors:

  1. For best results we strongly recommend you have a Deep Scrub Bracket fitted to your i-mop (only available for i-mop xl/xxl).
  2. Dust mop or sweep cork floor to remove dust, hair and debris.
  3. Use safety signage to warn passers by that cleaning is in progress and floors may be slippery.
  4. Fill i-mop solution tank with water.
  5. Add chemicals.