How to maintain the i-mop by checking for wearing parts

A well-maintained i-mop will give years of trouble-free use. And fortunately, maintenance is easy. Effective maintenance involves regular cleaning and checking as some parts will wear out and require periodic replacement.

In this article, we’ll discuss the common wearing parts of the i-mop and what to look for. Alternatively, watch the explainer video below!

There are four common wear items on the i-mop XL or XXL and three on the i-mop lite:

  1. Brushes
  2. Squeegee rubbers
  3. Castor wheels
  4. Squeegee washers (i-mop XL/XXL version only)

1. i-mop brushes

On a smooth floor, the i-mop brushes should last 1-2 years in a commercial application and 3-5 years in a domestic application. At the other end of the scale – in a worst-case scenario (e.g., rough, non-slip floor, using the i-mop every day), you might go through a set of brushes every 6-12 months.

The i-mop brushes have a handy, bright yellow wear indicator. Once the bristles wear down to this level, it’s time to replace them.

If you use floor pads instead of brushes, these are also replaceable. Pad life will depend on usage and how rough the floor is. As a guide, we suggest replacing the i-mop floor pads once they reach half the usual thickness (about 20 mm, so replace them once they get down to <10 mm thick).

i-mop brushes

2. Squeegee rubbers

The wear speed of the rubbers depends on how rough the floor is. You’ll notice as your squeegee starts to wear, it’ll leave more water on the floor. This is due to it wearing the square leading edge.

The squeegee rubbers have four sides, so you can rotate it as it wears. To extend the rubber life - if you’re cleaning an oily area like a kitchen or industrial workshop - use the oil-resistant Blue Primothane rubbers and not the red Linatex rubbers.

squeegee rubbers

3. Castor wheels

As with the squeegee rubbers, the life of the castor wheels depends on the roughness of the floor. On average, in commercial use, you’ll probably replace the castors every 6-18 months. However, the castors will last several years in lower-use applications.

Once they’ve worn down 5 mm, it’s time to replace them. Again, if you’re cleaning a very rough floor, you can upgrade to the INOX castor wheels, which will last much longer.

castor wheels

4. Squeegee rubber washers

The little rubber washers (inside) which hold the squeegee assembly to the deck will eventually wear. This is due to the squeegee being removed regularly to rinse. You’ll need to replace them approximately every two years, depending on usage.

Replacing the washers is a straightforward and quick process. Undo the two screws and replace the rubber washer underneath.

rubber washers

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