Choosing The Right Floor Mop For Your Commercial Kitchen

In the food production sector, effective cleaning is paramount. Your industrial kitchen cleaning equipment needs to be efficient, productive and, most importantly, easy to perform. Choosing the right industrial floor mop can be the difference between clean floors and unsafe and dirty ones.

Many food production companies use traditional mop and buckets, deck scrubs, and squeegees. This isn’t effective when it comes to cleaning up food scraps, soiling and oil, and makes work harder for staff.

Here are four questions you should ask when choosing the right industrial floor mop for your business.

Is it manoeuvrable?

When cleaning a commercial kitchen, it’s important you can get to all of those hard-to-reach areas. You should be able to clean right to the edge of your floor without anything getting in the way. The i-mop reaches right to the edge of floors and also cleans edges just as efficiently as it does the rest of the floor.

Whether you have multiple food production facilities, a large warehouse or even just a small area, your floor mop needs to be easy to transport and able to get into small nooks. The i-mop can do all of these things with ease.

Is it water-saving?

Commercial mop machines, and many types of floor scrubbers, often consume a great deal of water. For best hygiene practise when mopping, the water in the mop bucket should be changed at least every 150sqm of floor area. This uses around 8-10L of water per 150 sqm! For the sake of both the environment and your wallet, it’s important that you use an industrial floor mop that conserves water and is sustainable.

It’s also important to ensure that, for the safety of your floors, water is contained and dries quickly. Some floor scrubbers don’t deliver quick drying results due to poor vacuum and squeegee suction, and inferior squeegee rubber technology. The i-team’s i-mop utilises Airoflex squeegees to leave floors 40% drier, combined with up to 48% higher vacuum airspeed than comparable sized scrubbers to clean your floor and leave it dry within seconds.

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Our i-mop is also a proud supporter of the Made Blue Program, which invests in the development of critical water infrastructure projects in developing countries. So not only is the i-mop inherently water-saving by saving up to 90% of water on traditional floor cleaning. Altogether, the i-mop has contributed over 25 million litres of clean water to places where it is needed most, with every i-mop sold contributing the equivalent of 18 litres of clean water per day to the Made Blue Foundation.

We care about more than just profit - we care about excellent products that make excellent results and have a positive impact on the world as a whole.

Is it effective or does it just push dirt around?

Many traditional mop-and-buckets merely push water and dirt around, instead of actually cleaning the floor. i-team’s commercial floor cleaning equipment ensures that floors are actually clean - rather than just looking clean or shiny. Regular mops only remove 30-40% of dirt while the i-mop removes a significant 97%. Often, in fact, if a floor is shiny and sticky, this might mean that there has been an overuse of chemicals on the hard floors.

mopping floor

The i-mop delivers clean floors with speed and efficiency. It’s the best way to clean floors, with quick cleaning for lowered cleaning costs, fast drying and allowing for cleaning with ease. The i-mop is an industrial floor mop, but with the power of an autoscrubber: it’s the floor scrubber dryer that every cleaning company needs.

With a brush speed of between 350 RPM and 500 RPM (up to 3 times the speed of comparable walk behind floor scrubbers), depending on whether you go for the Lite, XL or XXL and a brush pressure of between 13kg and 32kg, the i-mop will clean your floors with speed, accuracy and efficiency. With the i-mop, you’ll know your floors are clean without doubt. The i-mop also has a proven dirt removal rating of over 97%.

Is it too awkward to transport or use?

Your floor mop needs to be easy to transport and able to get to hard-to-get-to places without difficulty. Most floor scrubber dryers and autoscrubbers can’t actually reach most areas and are too large and cumbersome to transport. This adds unnecessary time to cleaning, especially since you might need a vehicle to transport the mop.

In addition, your industrial kitchen cleaning equipment should be easy to use: the i-mop xl and xxl, for example, have a battery on the ledge and right side of the scrubbing deck. The batteries won’t fit on the incorrect side, and they also have a colour-coded clip and holder.

i-mop being carried

The only thing you really need to know when using an i-mop is how to use the black ‘Eco’ button, which reduces water usage by 40%.

According to Fine Food WA, the i-mop XL has eliminated manual floor scrubbing altogether and ensured that they can get the quickest and most efficient results every time. The i-mop is the best way to clean floors in the food industry.

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