Everything You Need to Know About i-mop Warranty and Maintenance

If you’ve been looking to add the i-mop floor scrubber to your range of cleaning equipment, you’ve no doubt wondered what warranty coverage is included with your purchase.

Another important part of owning an i-mop is being aware of what you can do after each use, and on a monthly basis, to keep your floor scrubber in the best possible condition.

First, let’s look at what’s covered under your i-mop's warranty, and then cover some basic maintenance tips that will extend the lifespan of your device, and ensure years of trouble-free floor cleaning in your home, office or commercial space.

How Long is the i-mop's Warranty Coverage?

Commercial Warranty:

The i-mop floor scrubber machine is packaged with a 12-month commercial warranty from the date of purchase.

Consumer Warranty:

When you’re buying the i-mop for home-use, it comes with a 5-year warranty on the drive motor, vacuum motor & machine chassis/body. It also has a 3-year warranty on the battery.

What is Covered by the i-mop's Warranty?

The i-mop's warranty covers all major components, including the body, recovery and solution tanks, vacuum unit, motor, and electronic components.

Any parts that are repaired or replaced under warranty are guaranteed for the remainder of the original i-mop's warranty period. i-team is happy to meet its obligations under this warranty agreement to repair or replace defective devices through our authorised i-partner service network.

What is Not Covered by the i-mop's Warranty?

The i-mop's warranty does not extend to any repairs or replacements resulting from the misuse of the i-mop floor cleaning machine, damage during transport, accidents or a mechanical failure due to a lack of regular maintenance as described below.

Wear-and-tear items like brushes, pads, squeegee blades, castor wheels, filters and rubber washers are not covered by the warranty, unless there is a manufacturer defect when the i-mop was delivered to you.


Repairing or making any alterations to your i-mop scrubber machine can also void your warranty, so ensure you’re sticking to the recommended maintenance schedule.

Daily Maintenance for the i-mop

To keep your i-mop maintained in top working order, here are some key points to follow on a daily and weekly basis. You can also view the Operator portal and maintenance videos here.

  • Drain and rinse solution and recovery tanks with fresh water
  • Open and remove vacuum filter ball float; make sure it is clean by blowing or holding it under running water
  • Clean the squeegee blades and squeegee connector with fresh water and a clean cloth
  • Remove the brushes and wipe the brush deck with a clean cloth
  • Recharge and store batteries in dry, cool clean storage area
  • Leave the waste tank cap open when i-mop is in storage so the tank can vent
  • Empty the waste tank before storing it.
  • Always store the tanks on the machine when not in use.
  • Always empty the recovery tank when refilling the clean water tank.
  • Keep the handle angle above 45 degrees when in use.

Weekly Maintenance for the i-mop

  • Check the rubbers on the squeegee blade for damage, wear and tear; turn them over or replace when needed
  • Remove deflector gently from the machine and clean it
  • Clean the wheels on the squeegee blade; ensure bearings aren’t clogged

Monthly Maintenance for the i-mop

  • Clean the exterior of the i-mop with a clean damp cloth; do not hose down
  • Remove brushes from the machine; clean the water nozzles at the bottom of the scrub deck
  • If the i-mop is not used regularly, store charged batteries in a dry, clean place, and make sure batteries are charged at least monthly.
  • Unscrew the filter at the base of the solution tank and clean it under running water. This prevents any dirt build up that may block the water flow from the tank.

Things to Avoid While Using Your i-mop

  • Do not kick the brush deck with your feet or use extreme force.
  • Do not operate i-mop without suction filters installed, even for short periods
  • Do not tilt the unit more than 45-degrees; this can cause permanent damage
  • Stick to a low foaming cleaning solution with a pH between 3-10 to avoid damaging key components.
  • Always store the I-mop floor scrubber in the park position.

Can I Fix an i-mop myself, or Should I Contact a Technician?

There are a number of simple fixes and preventative maintenance steps that you can take to maintain the performance of your i-mop.

This includes the replacement of squeegee blades, castor wheels and changing of the i-mop’s rubber washers.

If you’re not comfortable with replacing these items yourself, we’d recommend arranging a scheduled maintenance session with one of our service providers every six-to-twelve months.

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