How Much Does a Floor Scrubber Cost?

Purchasing a floor scrubber is worthwhile and valuable investment for commercial businesses and residential homes alike, but it’s important to understand the driving factors behind the best floor scrubbers before your make your purchase.

If you’ve been searching high and low for the best prices possible on a floor scrubber, you might have wondered why they’re priced the way they are, and what influences the price of the best floor scrubbers on the market.

Different Types of Floor Scrubbers

Before we can get into the specifics of prices for automatic floor scrubbers, we need to look at the different options available on the market. This includes upright scrubbers like the i-mop, automatic walk-behind scrubbers and automatic ride-on floor scrubbers.

We’ve recently made a video that explains the difference between a traditional floor scrubber and the i-mop. You can watch that video by clicking here.

1.Upright Floor Scrubbers

Upright floor scrubbers are the most agile, compact and adaptable floor scrubbers for those looking to clean small to medium-sized spaces, and are priced anywhere between $2,000 - $6,000, depending on the size, cleaning power and features packaged into the unit.

One of the major advantages of deploying an upright floor scrubber in your office is the portability of the unit, allowing you to move up stairs and around objects without an issue, as well as their ability to clean in tight, compact areas that larger units.


Upright floor scrubbers are also the cheapest option for floor scrubbers that are suited to the commercial sector, so if price is a key concern, check whether your needs can be served by an upright floor scrubber.

2. Automatic Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers

Stepping up to a walk-behind floor scrubber not only increases your potential cleaning power, it also offers wider coverage as you pass over floors, enabling a larger cleaning radius than something like an upright floor scrubber.

This means that automatic walk-behind floor scrubbers are perfectly suited to medium-to-large spaces while reducing the overall strain that the operator will experience over prolonged usage in hallways, offices and commercial spaces.

Girl with I-mop

These units are separated into micro, small, medium and large-sized floor scrubbers. Depending on the size, manufacturer, features and overall build quality available, prices for walk-behind floor scrubbers range from $5,000 to $25,000.

3. Automatic Ride-On Floor Scrubbers

If you’re tasked with cleaning wide, open areas in a short period of time, an automatic ride-on floor scrubber is by far the best option on the market. As the largest floor scrubbers available, they offer unparalleled abilities when it comes to cleaning large areas in the shortest possible time, while making the job simple and comfortable for the operator.

All these abilities and convenience does, however, come at a price. Automatic ride-on floor scrubbers are typically priced at anywhere between $8,000 and $50,000, depending on the manufacturer, build quality, features, cleaning abilities and warranties on offer.


Like walk-behind units, ride-on floor scrubbers are separated into small, medium and large categories which offer different cleaning rates and abilities on large surfaces, with prices increasing alongside their cleaning times for large, open areas.

What Drives the Price of a Commercial Floor Scrubber?

There are several things that influence the initial buy price of a floor scrubber, namely the performance on offer, which in the case of commercial floor scrubbers, can cover extremely large areas in a short period of time.

This concept is often measured in square-meters cleaned per-hour, which gives a buyer a clear picture of the cleaning potential on offer from any given floor scrubber.

Size, meter-per-hour cleaning results, battery technologies, build quality, durability, reliability and ownership programs like warranties and customer support are a number of other factors that drive the price of the industry’s leading floor scrubbers.


1. Power Source

A big factor that influences the prices of floor scrubbers is their power source, and whether the unit is powered by a cord-electric or a battery-electric system. While this may seem like a relatively small detail, in practice, having a floor scrubber connected to a power source, there are noticeable differences for the operator while using a cable-free floor scrubber compared to a cord-electric unit.

1.1 Cord Electric

Typically, entry-point floor scrubbers up to a certain size are tethered to a power supply via a power cable. While they may be cheaper than their counterparts, cable-electric floor scrubbers are more limited in terms of cleaning times over large areas, due to the fact it needs to be connected through the process.

Due to their reliance on power outlets, while cord-electric floor scrubbers still offer a high level of cleaning power, the overall drop in productivity from constantly switching outlets can increase overall cleaning times.

1.2 Battery-Powered

Modern floor scrubbers feature onboard lithium-ion battery packs that offer added flexibility while cleaning large areas. They eliminate the need for the operator to ensure the unit is constantly plugged into an outlet, which increases productivity and reduces overall cleaning times while using the floor scrubber.


While battery-powered floor scrubbers come at a higher cost, this initial premium is levelled-out by their ability to reduce cleaning times while offering the operator added flexibility. Within the battery-powered segment, there are gel or AGM batteries, deep-cycle wet flooded batteries and lithium-ion batteries powering floor scrubbers.

1.2.1 Deep-Cycle Wet Batteries

Deep-cycle wet batteries are some of the most cost-effective power supplies available for floor scrubbers, but they do some with some caveats. Most prominently, deep-cycle wet batteries require frequent maintenance to optimise the health and longevity of the battery, and failing to maintain the battery results in poor performance, and a short lifespan.

1.2.2 Gel or AGM Batteries

Gel batteries, otherwise known as AGM batteries, are a step up from the deep-cycle wet batteries you’ll find fitted to the cheapest floor scrubbers, and require less maintenance. They are more expensive than their counterparts, but have a longer lifespan with little user input.

1.2.3 Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are currently the best option for powering floor scrubbers available on the market. While they remain the most expensive option, lithium-ion batteries offer the best performance in terms of a long lifespan, rapid charging times and require zero maintenance.

Lithium-ion batteries effectively counteract their lofty price tags with a high number of charge cycles, and their superior results in terms of providing long cleaning cycles. They typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty specific to the lithium-ion batteries.

2. Scrub Patterns

Another major influencer of the pricing of commercial floor scrubbers is the hardware underneath.Floor scrubbers come with the option of discs, as well as sqaure decks and cylindrical brushes that offer a number of different use cases. Read the following article “The best pads and brushes for your floor scrubber on 7 different floor surfaces”, by clicking here.

2.1 Disc Scrubbers

The most widely used scrubbers used by floor scrubbers are disc scrubbers. Most of the common floor scrubbers you’ll find on the market are fitted with a disc-shaped scrub deck that accommodates a disc pad or scrubbing brush, which is suited to effective large-scale floor cleaning.

Watch the video below to see different brushes and pads for cleaning different floor surfaces:

2.2 Square Scrubbers

Another common brush or pad pattern comes in the form of the square scrubber, which rotate at high speeds to provide a cleaning finish similar to that of a disc scrubber. As a result, square scrubbing decks are priced similarly to disc scrubbers, and offer similar cleaning abilities.

2.3 Cylindrical Scrubbers

The final type of scrubbing hardware that you’ll find underneath your commercial floor scrubber is the cylindrical brush.

While they are the most expensive option, they are effective when tasked with having to sweep any loose debris or dirt from the surface, and then get to work scrubbing dirt and stains from the surface. They’re also better suited for extremely rough floors and cleaning deep grout lines.

3. Build Quality & Reliability

Manufacturers of floor scrubbers recognise the fact that their products must be made to stand the test of time. The higher the price of the floor scrubber, the more important the concepts of durability and longevity becomes for these manufacturers.

As a result, the leading floor scrubbers on the market feature exceptionally well-crafted designed that are informed by engineering, rather than aesthetics as a priority.


Ideally, you want to go with the right balance of simplicity and robustness, so it’s easy to operate in a reliable cleaning package.

4. Warranties

On a similar note, as you work your way through the field and move to the more premium floor scrubbers available, you’ll gain from added reliability from the product itself, as well as a more robust customer and technical support system, and attractive ownership programs offering guarantees and warranties.

While the cheapest devices may be able to undercut premium floor scrubbers when it comes to sticker prices, they simply can’t match the reliability and confidence-inspiring warranties that premium floor scrubbers are packaged with.

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