Improve Cleaning Results In Aged Care With These Four Cleaning Technologies

What does “clean” really mean in the era of COVID-19? The difference can mean life or death, especially in aged care centres where residents are constantly vulnerable to infection.

While your cleaning regime and infection control policy may be thorough, keeping a nursing home clean and free from life-threatening pathogens at all times is an uphill battle.

From tight labour budgets and cleaning schedules, to cleaning hard-to-reach places while residents and nursing staff are going about their daily routine, there’s only so much your staff can do with the limited resources they have.When your staff are already firing on all cylinders, there’s only one way to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your cleaning operation: better technology.

With the health of staff and residents and compliance obligations resting on your shoulders, here are four innovative cleaning technologies that will ensure your team can stop disease-spreading microbes in their tracks while saving extra time and effort.

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1. Rapidly test and monitor surface cleanliness with i-know

As a sector that is subject to strict guidelines and inspections, you need to know how effective your cleaning operation actually is at eliminating harmful bacteria.With a large number of COVID-related deaths in Australia related to residential aged care facilities and residents at a much larger risk of carrying drug-resistant bacteria, eyeballing a room for cleanliness just doesn’t cut it anymore.

To help you evaluate and improve your current cleaning regime, we created the i-know kit. This portable kit contains ATP tests and a gloss meter which will rapidly return cleanliness results, empowering your staff to better target their cleaning efforts.


2. Remove 97% of dirt from all hard floor surfaces with the i-mop

Giving non-slip flooring a proper clean is a notoriously difficult task, but the i-mop makes this routine much easier.

A powerful but lightweight scrubber-dryer, the i-mop maximises cleaning efficiency while saving your team time and effort.

Proven to be six times faster than manual mopping, twice as powerful as conventional scrubbers, and consistently cleaning surfaces to test well under the recommended contamination score, the i-mop is a two-in-one cleaning solution that will make the previously-detested task of floor cleaning a breeze.


3. Remove 99% of germs on hard-to-reach surfaces with the i-fibre

Properly cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces such as walls and cornices is another painstaking process that slows your aged care staff down, and can quickly become one of the first cleaning tasks to be neglected on a particularly busy day.

The i-fibre, however, makes the wall washing process easier and more efficient. The i-fibre is a complete microfibre cleaning system with three times the cleaning power of traditional microfibre. Mesh backing ensures even cleaning solution distribution throughout the pad to ensure you can get to work straight away.

Your staff will be able to clean and check for germs as they go, with an integrated UV-light hand tool that exposes unseen bacteria on surfaces. The unique trio split technology of i-fibre reduces germs by up to 99%.


4. Suck the air clean of airborne contaminants with the i-air

Perhaps the most crucial but overlooked cleaning task of all, maintaining the indoor air quality in an aged care home has become a must-do since the onset of the pandemic.

While conventional air purifiers can clean the air of most particles such as smoke, allergens, or mould, the i-air’s unique FS-ACT technology and UVC can filter and kill airborne viruses and bacteria.For aged care facilities that don’t have the luxury of negative pressure rooms, this is a relatively cost-effective and convenient solution that will maintain a safe standard of indoor air quality for residents.

Between tight cleaning resources, regimes, and regulations, keeping an aged care home clean and safe for residents is not a task easily done with conventional cleaning equipment.With the technology and support of i-team, however, we can help you upgrade your cleaning operation and reduce costs with our suite of innovative solutions that deliver high standards of cleanliness, every time.

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