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Testing kit for proven cleanliness

  • fasterCollected data enhances insights for more efficient future cleaning
  • cleanerUse ATP kit to test surface cleanliness
  • saferSlip alert helps to prevent accidents and injuries effectively
  • greenerThe dirt challenge showcases i-mop's water efficiency and dirt recovery over competitors
  • betterWith i-know you gather data for improved cleaning efficiency and results

What is the i-know?

The collected data from i-know gives you rapid insights that you can act on to make future cleaning operations more efficient. With i-know, it only takes around 1 minute to measure dirt levels on a surface.

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Get accurate data on your cleaning process

The i-know kit allows you to begin monitoring cleanliness in commercial, industrial and educational buildings.

Use ATP testing to perform checks after cleaning to ensure surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly, or perform before-and-after tests to prove your commercial cleaning process’s effectiveness to your clients.

When you need to measure how glossy a floor is, the i-know glossmeter gives instant readings of floor appearance and gloss levels.

What our customers say

Get accurate data on your cleaning process

Card benefits
Prevent slip accidents from floor cleaning

Slips and falls pose a high risk of major injury and compensation claims. When you monitor your floor slip levels with the i-know slip testing machine, you take a significant step in reducing your risk exposure by changing practices to prevent slip accidents.

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What gets measured, gets managed

The i-know kit empowers you with data to get objective feedback on the quality of your commercial cleaning processes. Hygiene monitoring in your cleaning routine empowers cleaning staff to achieve consistent results, knowing the cleaning thoroughness to be measured.

Card benefits
Easier, faster ATP testing

With ATP testing, your cleanliness results are returned quickly, allowing you to make fast decisions on any further cleaning required. With just three steps, there’s no need for extensive training; swab the floor, snap the liquid section, and squeeze the liquid into the swab to test.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications





Size Body

72 x 191 x 32mm

Operating Temp. Range


Relative Humidity Range

20-85%, non condensing

Measurement Range

0-9999 RLUs

Measurement Time


Measurement Noise

+- 5% or +- 5 RLUs

Programmable Result Threshold

100 programs

Result Memory Size

500 tests



Carry Weight

350 grams

Size body

160 x 75 x 90mm

Operation Temp.



<85% relative humidity

Measuring Time


Measurement Angle


Measurement Area

20°: 10 x 10mm 60°: 9 x 15mm 85°: 5 x 36mm



Weight Slip Alert


Size body

250 x 180 x 70mm

Size Ramp

900 x 190 x 250mm

Included Accessories

Slip testing kit

Slip-alert saves time, money and helps to prevent injuries from slip accidents

i-know ATP testing kit

ATP testing kit

Use ATP tests to check if surfaces meet expected cleaning standards

i-know pH testing kit

pH testing Kit

Test the pH of cleaning solutions, ensuring suitability for delicate surfaces

i-know NHG268 Gloss Meter

Gloss meter

Monitor floor conditions and optimise floor cleaning & polishing processes

i-know Suitcase Testing kit for hygiene

Wheeled suitcase

Present a professional image to clients by transporting all i-know testing tools in one sleek, sturdy case

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