Your Office Is Dirtier Than You Think. Here Is How To Keep It Clean

When you’re at work, whether as a business owner, manager or employee, your office cleanliness might not be top-of-mind. Rather, work can often sweep us away and prevent us from thinking about the everyday hygiene of our lives that, in reality, affect our work productivity.

In reality, good office hygiene is vitally important for overall happiness, productivity and even (especially!) your health. To keep your office clean, you should ensure that you have a strict cleaning schedule that includes desk maintenance, efficient floor cleaning and air purification.

Clean desks - properly

Some people might keep their desks squeaky clean and organised, but let’s be honest - most of us let the coffee cups stack up and the dust settle.

Is your desk really as clean as you think?

desk laptop

According to research, the average desk contains more than 10 million bacteria, which is 400 times more germs than is found on the average toilet seat.

In the current times, with COVID-19 still an ever-present threat, it’s vitally important that we maintain strict cleaning standards wherever we can, especially when we’re at our desks for a large portion of the day.

The first step to good desk hygiene is having professional cleaners to conduct regular cleaning on the desks. This should involve dusting, disinfecting and cleaning.

Many professional cleaners use i-team’s suite of cleaning products as part of their cleaning arsenal, because they can trust in their cleaning efficiency. You can read just a few testimonials here.

However, a key part of comprehensive desk cleaning is daily maintenance cleaning. This means that employees should:

Clean the desk surface regularly

It can be easy to think that, if our desks are clear and unstained, there’s limited dirt and bacteria on the surface. Unfortunately, most bacteria are invisible. This means that it’s important to implement a strict cleaning schedule.\ \ i-team offers a variety of products that can help to make cleaning easier at work. These are great for all users: whether inexperienced cleaners or professional contractors. You’ll want to use the i-scrub 26H to get the dust and surface dirt from your desk before disinfecting.

i-scrub 26h fibre

Clean and disinfect your desktop or laptop and, most importantly, your desk phone

Phones not only pick up large amounts of bacteria, especially if shared, they also are right next to your mouth and are at high risk of transferring bacteria.

Air hygiene is more important than you think

Indoor air quality can be up to 5-10 times worse than outdoor air quality. So, why are so many constrained to small offices with limited openable windows and no air flow?

Not only is this unpleasant for staff, it also massively increases the number of airborne contaminants circulating in the air. Having good air quality will make employees feel better and also increase productivity, as it means that there is less sickness travelling throughout the office, which is vitally important with the spread of COVID-19.

i-team has created the i-air, which is a freestanding unit that provides MERV19-rated pure air. It improves indoor air quality through elaborate filtration systems that target all three kinds of air contaminants: microbiological, VOCs and particulate matter.

i-air air purifier

Since i-team is committed to sustainability, the i-air also has low power usage, which ensures that you don’t have to have clean and fresh air at the expense of the environment.

Sometimes, a simple vacuum isn’t enough

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking a basic vacuum does a good enough job of cleaning, especially when a carpet looks clean.

The reality is that many vacuum cleaners aren’t cleaning as well as they need to. On the surface, everything might look great, but underneath there’s a wealth of bacteria and dirt still lurking.

i-team’s eye-vac uses a HEPA or even a ULPA cassette filter - the highest vacuum cleaner filtration level available - that stops dust, bacteria and dust mites from being reintroduced after they’ve been vacuumed up. Because of its design, every eye-vac model is easy to use, whether you’re a professional commercial cleaner or not. Unwinding, plugging in and rewinding takes only a quick thirty seconds, so you’re not spending excessive amounts of time getting set up.

Like all of i-team's equipment, the eye-vac is also much more sustainable. The eye-vac’s 5B and 9B battery vacuums use 40% less energy than a cabled vacuum cleaner. Overall, it’s easy, affordable and efficient to use, making vacuuming much less of a chore.

If your office requires hard floor cleaning, don’t look any further than the i-mop, which cleans surfaces quickly and efficiently with minimal chemicals and water usage. Book a demo to see it for yourself.

If in doubt, prove the cleanliness of your office

Since most dirt is not visible to the human eye, it can be difficult to know how clean your office actually is. It looks spotless - but is it? By using i-team’s i-know kit, you can ensure that your investment in consistent cleaning is working and you’re getting to all the hard-to-reach dirt.

i-scrub 26h microfibre

The i-know kit does this through ATP testing, which evaluates the level of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. Higher levels of ATP indicate a higher risk of infection. The higher the levels of ATP, the less clean your office environment is.

Office cleanliness is integral to efficiency and health, and it’s important that we make it a priority.

The i-team suite is perfect for most commercial environments, especially offices, and it delivers efficiency returns that will provide huge cost savings over time.

Book a demo today of any of the i-team products.