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Commercial floor matts

Starting from: $345.1

  • fasterClean your floors with i-matt in place, saving time and money
  • cleanerEFM™ Absorbent Technology rapidly dries and prevents dirt tracking
  • saferR13 slip-resistance rating can reduce slip claims by up to 90%.
  • betterNo moving, tripping, or shifting—just a tidy appearance

What is the i-matt?

You don’t need to remove the i-matt for cleaning - rather, it can be cleaned seamlessly with our innovative i-mop while still in place. The power of these technologies is changing the way businesses think about floor matting solutions.

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Welcome to the future of safe floors

The i-matt’s superior dirt capture technology traps dirt and moisture at critical traffic points, keeping your floors cleaner all day. Many of the thick, bulky rental mats do not absorb adequately, and water puddles by or on the mat surface.

The i-matt's EFM (Entangled Fibre Matrix) disperses water throughout the highly absorbent mat. Hence, it dries faster, and interlocking fibres grab and hold onto the dirt to prevent it from being tracked through commercial buildings.

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Commercial floor matting system

Card benefits
Prevent slip accidents from floor cleaning

Slips and falls pose a high risk of major injury and compensation claims. i-matt has a slip resistance rating of R13, massively reducing the risk of slip and fall claims. When using i-matt at entry zones and high-traffic areas, you take a significant step in reducing your risk exposure.

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Clean in place without lifting

Stop lugging dirty, heavy-carpeted mats around while you clean. Once applied, you can i-mop right over the i-matt's low profile, durable, fast-drying surface. Should you wish to move an i-matt, the proprietary adhesive backing allows you to roll up and reinstall in seconds.

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Life is better for everyone with i-matt

i-matt makes your life easier for cleaning team members, employees, customers, building managers and owners. No more damaged floors, no more shifting mats that look messy. No rippling mats to trip over. When it comes time to replace it, simply peel it off and replace it.

Card benefits
CSR: Reduce your environmental impact

With the i-matt, you can help lower harsh laundry chemical usage by 92% and reduce your environmental impact. When sending traditional rubber-backed mats out for cleaning, consider the transportation pollution, the chemical treatment and power usage, and the large volumes of water required. Not so with i-matt.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications


Roll of 3 precut sections, each 91.5cm x 3m

Fluids Absorbed

Oils, coolants, solvents & water


Up to 30L per roll

Temperature Limit

Surface temperatures from 13°C - 49°C


Absorbent - Polypropylene, Adhesive backing - Proprietary adhesive material

Included Accessories
i-matt 3 x Precut sections

3 x Precut sections

Comes in a 9m roll of 91.5cm wide x 3 precut sections

i-matt Frequently asked questions

What type of floors aren’t suitable for the i-matt?

i-matt works on virtually every floor except types like wood or unsealed concrete that could wick moisture and reduce adhesion. The adhesive is designed to leave no residue and you can test it on any areas of concern.

What is the installation procedure?

1. Clean and dry floor thoroughly for best grip and overall performance.

2. Cut i-matt Floor Mat to size with safety knife, using Installation Tool as a cutting board.

3. Position mat, smooth out and press into place using Installation Tool.

4. For heavy traffic areas, trim corners at 45° angles using cutting guides on

Installation Tool.

NOTE: For long runs, use multiple mat sections and have two people position the edges so mats line up straight.

What is the slip rating of i-matt?

The adhesive backing stops mats from bunching up or moving around the floor, and the ultra-thin design means that it presents no leading-edge trip hazard like many carpet mats. To top it off, i-matt has a slip resistance rating of R13, massively reducing the risk of slip and fall claims.

How long will i-matt last?

i-matt lasts an average of 12-52 weeks depending on traffic and conditions.

What is the best cleaning method?

i-matt Floor Mat is low-profile and extremely durable so it can be left in place during daily cleaning. Floor scrubbers, vacuums, brooms and mops pass right over without damaging the surface of the mat. Standard floor scrubbers can be used to clean i-matt Floor Mat.

For best results, use low settings for water and pressure. Mat should be as dryas possible before cleaning with floor scrubbers. Tougher stains can be pre-treated withstandard cleaning products and agitated with a brush or scotch pad to loosen the soil.

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