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Cloud-based fleet management platform

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The new cloud-based management platform for cleaning equipment which allows for monitoring and management of equipment remotely. Free 36 months subscription on all Pro machines.

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What is i-link?

i-link® is the new cloud-based platform for all your tools, machines and compliances. All the i-team PRO products will have a small module located inside them, already integrated with the i-link cloud. This module will send usage information, battery levels, and even the location of the machines to the platform every day.

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One place for all your tools, machines and compliances

With i-link® you get valuable insights into the usage of all your cleaning equipment. This way you can monitor if, how, when and where machines are being used.

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How i-link can help resolve fleet management challenges

Card benefits
Asset Visibility
  • Complete overview & management of your fleet
  • Easy access from desktop or mobile App
  • Location tracking
Card benefits
Service & Maintenance
  • Setup maintenance alerts
  • Create service tickets for repairs
  • Keep track of service history
Card benefits
Training & Resources
  • Upload and manage training material and resources in i-link
  • Scan QR codes to report problems, download manuals, watch videos and more
Card benefits
Minimising Downtime
  • GPS tracking allows you to know exactly where machines are
  • Setup maintenance schedules
  • View live up & downtime of assets
Card benefits
Safety & Compliance
  • Scan QR codes to access user manuals
  • Create periodical service alerts to maintain compliance
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i-link Frequently asked questions

What does i-link do?

i-link is a cloud-based management platform designed to help you track and manage all of your assets across all of your sites. Assets can be viewed via a list or from a global GPS based map.

i-link becomes the central repository for all service records, machine usage history and data, machine performance levels such as battery data, running times and more.

What applications or organizations is i-link best suited for?

i-link is best suited for organisations looking to improve their management and utilization of assets, especially across multiple different sites or geographical locations.

How much does i-link cost?

Nothing for the first 36 months. After that you have the choice to continue on a monthly subscription should you wish.

Which i-team machines come with i-link?

All i-mop pro models (lite/xl/xxl) and the i-drive. We’re working on adding more

How do I get access to i-link after my purchase?

Your i-partner will be able to provide your login access. If you get stuck, simply email

Can I add non i-team equipment to i-link?

Yes! i-team can provide you with QR codes which you can add to any piece of non i-team equipment you wish to track and manage the service and maintenance schedules. Whether it’s a fire extinguisher, defibrillator, cleaning trolley or another brand of cleaning equipment.

The additional QR codes are available at a one off fee of $12.00+GST

How many users in my organization can have access to i-link?

Up to 5 users are available per organization

Are there different levels of users?

Yes! There are 3 levels of user;

Admin – Full rights to create other groups and users

Editor – Cannot edit organization, groups or users, can edit asset information

User – Can access assets but no editing capability

What if I don’t want to use i-link?

No problem. Your machine will still work just like normal. Should you ever wish to access i-link later, all data will be captured anyway and available when you do login.

How do the service tickets work?

Users scanning the QR code will be able to log a service ticket (such as in the case of an issue with the machine)

Admin users can specify how service tickets for your organization are to be handled. Service ticket notifications can be emailed to multiple people either within or outside your organization.