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i-power battery charging system

Starting from: $141

What is i-charge?

Our i-chargers are made to charge the i-power batteries in a short amount of time. Our quick exchange i-power battery system make our battery powered machines a real cleaning workforce. With 2 sets of i-power batteries you can continuously clean from 24/7.

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Different i-charge chargers

Card benefits
i-charge 2

Standard charger for i-power 9, 14 & 20

Card benefits
i-charge 9

Fast charger for i-power 9, 14 & 20

Card benefits
i-charge 5

4 port charger for the i-power 8.7 batteries

Card benefits
ES2 charger

ES2 charger for the i-power 7

Card benefits
MBZ charger

MBZ charger for the i-power 12 batteries

Card benefits

Choose how many levels of chargers you need, and assemble them accordingly

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