Infection prevention with microfibre


Improve cleaning performance

Reduce cross-contamination from cleaning

Using quality microfibre can make a big difference to preventing cross-contamination and the spread of infection. The unique trio split technology of i-fibre reduces germs by up to 99%, and the choice of colour-coded tools for use on different surface areas helps ensure operators have the right tool for the infection prevention task on hand.

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Microfibre cleaning for all surfaces

Premium microfibre technology

i-fibre allows you to clean up to 50% faster than other microfibre systems. With the soft edge technology on the i-scrub 26h and wallwash tools, you can dust and clean rounded areas such as sinks and cornices with even surface pressure, ensuring maximum dirt removal. Mesh backing ensures even cleaning solution distribution throughout the pad to ensure you can get to work straight away, and ultra-absorbent textile technology grabs dirt fast. The in-built scraping edge means you can remove stubborn dirt buildups quickly without having to change your cleaning tool.


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Minimise harsh chemical usage

Reduce your environmental impact

The use of quality microfibre cleaning systems allows you to significantly lessen the amount of chemical required for cleaning. When i-fibre is used in conjunction with the pre-treatment system, chemical and water usage are reduced by up to 60%.


Maximum soil retention

Reduce cross contamination

The patented trio split technology in i-fibre products means microfibres are split 3 times. This combined with the built-in debris channels gives i-fibre huge cleaning power and ability to hold significantly more dirt rather than just spread it around, greatly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The twisted loop pile ensures maximum penetration into uneven surfaces to capture ground-in dirt. And the i-fibre flexible solutions for high reach dusting allow you to clean surfaces that normally may get overlooked. Use i-fibre for a REAL clean.


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Reduce cleaning fatigue

i-fibre mopping is dramatically easier on operators and safer compared to regular mopping systems, cutting down on work-related injury issues in the commercial cleaning industry. The ergonomic lightweight yet sturdy tools reduce fatigue and help keep cleaning standards consistent throughout the cleaning shift. The trio-split technology helps grab maximum dust particles, preventing them from becoming airborne and affecting indoor air quality (IAQ).


Best microfibre mopping system

Lower total cost of ownership

Choosing i-fibre mopping gives you the best microfibre mopping system with a lower total cost of ownership. Each head is double stitched and guaranteed for a minimum of 750 washes. Hardware is guaranteed for 1 year. The trio split technology allows cleaners to clean for longer between return trips to the cleaning cart, lowering your operating cost. Life is better with i-fibre.


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