Prove what is clean

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Gain accurate data on your cleaning process

Makes the invisible visible

The commercial cleaning measurement tools in the i-know kit make the invisible visible by scientifically proving the effectiveness of our high-performing industrial cleaning machines. The collected data gives you rapid insights that you can act on to make future cleaning operations more efficient. With i-know, it only takes around 1 minute to measure dirt levels on a surface.


Check if a surface is clean

Measure surface cleanliness

The i-know kit allows you to begin monitoring cleanliness in commercial, industrial and educational buildings. Use ATP testing to perform checks after cleaning to ensure surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly, or perform before and after tests to prove your commercial cleaning process effectiveness to your clients. When you need to measure how glossy a floor is, the i-know glossmeter gives instant readings of floor appearance and gloss levels.


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Proof of low water usage

Environmentally-conscious commercial cleaning

The i-know includes dirt challenge cups to prove the effectiveness of the i-mop's exceptional cleaning. You will see how little water our industrial floor mop, the i-mop, uses and how much dirt it extracts from the floor compared to comparative cleaning process. Monitoring mopped floors with the glossmeter and adjusting cleaning processes to improve floor gloss allows you to achieve the same light experience with lower light energy levels.


Reduce risk levels and improve safety

Prevent slip accidents from floor cleaning

Unsafe floors with dangerous slip levels are often a result of the floor cleaning process. Slips and falls pose a high risk of major injury and compensation claims. When you monitor your floor slip levels with the i-know slip testing machine, you take a significant step in reducing your risk exposure. In addition, by testing how slippery a floor is, you gain valuable insights that can help optimise your cleaning process to prevent slip accidents and costly litigation.


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Continuous improvement in commercial cleaning

Better for everyone

Knowledge is power. The i-know kit empowers you with a range of data to get objective feedback on the quality of your commercial cleaning processes. When you implement hygiene monitoring in your cleaning routine, you empower with your cleaning staff to achieve consistent results, knowing the cleaning thoroughness be measured. What gets measured, gets managed.


Check surface hygiene quickly

ATP test

  • Check surfaces quickly - With ATP testing, your cleanliness results are returned quickly, allowing you to make fast decisions on any further cleaning required.
  • Easy to use - No need for extensive commercial cleaning training. Just 3 steps to get your ATP test results. Swab the floor, snap the liquid section, squeeze the liquid into the swab to test.
  • Low cost - Our ATP tests cost significantly less than comparative test devices. The pre-wetted swab maximises sample recovery for reliable results.
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