Improving floor safety


Revolutionary cleaning technologies working together

Combined technologies

i-matt is a clean in place, no trip, extended duration floor matting system that vastly improves floor safety and ease of cleaning. How? You do not need to remove the i-matt for cleaning - it can be cleaned seamlessly with the i-mop while still in place. The power of these combined floorcare technologies changes the way we think about floor matting solutions.

combined cleaning technologies

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Adhesive backed floor matting

Stays in place while cleaning

The i-matt allows you to clean in place without wasting time and money moving heavy floor mats out of the way! The proprietary adhesive backing allows you to install and easily remove the i-matt in seconds. Once applied you can i-mop right over the i-matts low profile, durable, fast drying surface. Stop lugging dirty, heavy carpeted mats around when you clean!


Absorbent EFM Matting Technology

Keep your floors cleaner

The i-matt’s superior dirt capture technology stops dirt and water at critical traffic points, keeping you floors cleaner all day. Many of the thick, bulky rental mats do not absorb and water puddles on the mat surface. The i-matts EFM (Entangled Fibre Matrix) Technology is different. Ultra-thin materials disperses water throughout the highly absorbent mat so it dries faster, and interlocking fibres grab and hold dirt to stop it being tracked through buildings.


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Help Strategic CSR initiatives

Reduce environmental impact

With the i-matt you can help lower harsh laundry chemical usage and reduce your environmental impact by 92%. There are often substantial environmental costs associated with sending rubber backed mats out for cleaning. Consider the petroleum and transportation pollution, the chemical treatment and power usage and the large volumes of water required for cleaning. When you use i-matt, you’ll clean floor mats in place with the water-saving i-mop, lowering your environmental footprint in multiple ways.


Stop slips, trips, and falls

Reduce slip hazards

Any wet floor will dramatically increase the risk of slips and falls. i-matt has highly absorbent material to grab water and disperse it quickly through the fibres of the mat, keeping floors dry and safe. The adhesive backing stops mats bunching up or moving around the floor, and the ultra-thin design means it presents no leading-edge trip hazard like many carpet mats. To top it off, i-matt has a slip resistance rating of R13, radically reducing risk of slip and fall claims.


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Superior slip prevention

Better for everyone

i-matt makes your life easier, whether you are a cleaning team member, an employee in the facility, a customer passing through or the building manager or owner of a building. No more damaged floors, no more shifting mats that look messy. No rippling mats to trip over. i-matt looks better, and it is. And when it is worn out and time for a new one, simply peel it off and replace it. Life is easier with the i-matt.


Technical Specifications

SizeRoll of 3 precut sections, each 91.5cm x 3m
Fluids AbsorbedOils, Coolants, Solvents & Water
AbsorbencyUp to 30 L per roll
Temperature LimitSurface temperatures from 13°C - 49°C
CompositionAbsorbent - Polypropylene; Adhesive Backing - Proprietary Adhesive Material

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