i-mop xl

Flexible, effective, and fast!

i-mop xl
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Next-level cleaning productivity

A new standard of clean

When you cease traditional and manual mopping and begin using an i-mop, you choose to dramatically improve cleaning results whilst also saving time and money. The i-mop solves the problems of traditional floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber dryers.

Tight area cleaning

Low deck profile

The ultra-low profile 7cm deck on the i-mop xl allows you to clean floors around and underneath objects that you could previously only mop. With 350rpm brushes and 22kg of scrubbing pressure, the cleaning power of the i-mop produces excellent results. Cleaning up to 1800sqm per hour, the i-mop xl cleans floors faster and with better results than traditional wet mopping.

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Increase productivity

Fast tank refills

Fill, refill and empty the machine easily. The removable tanks and inbuilt filling hose allow you to refill at any water source without returning to a dedicated chemical station. Switch between chemicals in a matter of seconds by clicking on a different solution tank. With an in-built eco water saving mode, you will be surprised how little water and chemical the i-mop uses.

Instead of my staff getting a mop and then spending an hour to do a job, by using an i-mop and spending only 10 minutes, they can use the time saved for something else.

Pedro Ferreirra – Back-of-house manager, Hilton Hotel, London Metropole

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The workhorse in the workforce

Quick exchange i-power battery

With 2 sets of batteries, your i-mop will never need to take a nap. The i-mop xl runs on easily changed i-power batteries, with an optional second set of batteries giving it the ability to run 24/7 with a single machine. Try that with a traditional battery scrubber. Learn more about i-power.

Easily portable

Compact mopping design

A typical battery scrubber dryer of the same scrub width (46cm) would weigh 100kg, compared to the i-mop xl at 22kg. The compact design of the i-mop allows you to easily store it in a cupboard anywhere. The durable transport wheels make travelling from building to building a breeze, and the i-mop XL will fit in a standard vehicle for transport between sites. The i-mop xl is ready to clean wherever you need it.

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Brush & Pad options

Choose from a wide range of pads and brushes to get the best result on your floor. The i-mop pads come in a variety of textures easily recognized by their colours. Different pads are available for daily or intensive periodical deep cleaning. The brushes range from soft to aggressive bristles and can even be used outside or on extremely dirty floors. Due to OHS obligations there has been an increase in the installation of non-slip floors in aged care, healthcare and many public facilities across Australia and New Zealand. While these floors improve safety standards and reduce slip risk, they can present a significant challenge to keep clean as traditional and microfibre mopping methods may be ineffective. The i-mop with the range of pad and brush options has dramatically improved cleaning results in many facilities.

Technical Specifications

ApplicationsHard floor types (porcelain tiles, natural stone, timber, vinyl, non-slip floors)
Theoretical PerformanceUp to 1800m² per hour
Practical Performance1000 - 1300m² per hour
Brush Speed350 RPM
Brush Pressure22.5kg
Scrub Width46cm
Size Machine (l x w x h)50 x 38 x 120cm
Weight Without Batteries18.5kg
Clean Water Tank4L
Recovery Clean Tank6L
MaterialPP, aluminium alloy
Power Source2 i-power 9 batteries
Battery24V - 9.8Ah
Run Time60-70 minutes on i-power 9 batteries
Super Charger Time1 hour

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