i-mop xxl

Power of an auto scrubber with the agility of a mop.

i-mop xxl
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Optimise efficiency in floor cleaning and reduce labour costs

Clean more floor in less time

Did you know an area that normally takes 30 mins to clean can be reduced to 5 mins with the i-mop XXL floor scrubber dryer? Designed for medium-to-large floor areas, the i-mop XXL is an extremely versatile battery-powered industrial mop machine that washes, scrubs and vacuums up to 2300 square meters of hard floor per hour.

90% cleaner floors with i-team's floor cleaning equipment

The new level of clean

With all weight sitting on the brushes and a higher brush speed of 350rpm, the unique design of the i-mop means that each bristle scrubs more effectively for a deeper clean. All dirty solution is vacuumed from the floor, rather than being left to dry and recontaminate the surface. Proven by objectively quantifiable ATP testing, our industrial floor mop creates surfaces that are 90% cleaner compared to traditional mopping methods. Read more about ATP testing button.

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Improve floor cleaning safety

Reduce slip and fall hazards

Traditional mopping methods and autoscrubbers have limited cleaning effectiveness and often just push around dirty water, leaving the floor slippery while it dries. The i-mop floor scrubber dryer scrubs the floor clean, then removes all solution so that the floor is dry within seconds, reducing safety risk. Demonstrate the improvements in your i-mopped floors with the i-know kit.

Floor cleaning suited to large commercial spaces

Extra-wide floor cleaning path

In order to clean large areas with the same flexibility as the high-performing i-Mop XL, we’ve increased the scrub deck width to 62cm and increased tank capacity to allow for longer periods between refilling.

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No more downtime

The i-mop can operate 24/7 with extra rechargeable battery packs. Unlike a typical autoscrubber, the i-power battery pops in and out easily with one hand and can be done in seconds. A battery pack runs for about one hour and recharges in around one hour.

Instead of my staff getting a mop and then spending an hour to do a job, by using an i-mop and spending only 10 minutes, they can use the time saved for something else.

Pedro Ferreirra – Back-of-house manager, Hilton Hotel, London Metropole

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Environmental Responsibility

Per square meter, the i-mop XXL uses solution more efficiently than wet-mopping or conventional autoscrubbers, dramatically reducing water and chemical usage in floor cleaning. By making every drop of water and solution count, the i-mop reduces environmental impact by over 75%. In addition, every i-mop in use contributes to the Made Blue water development initiatives in developing countries.

Technical Specifications

ApplicationsHard floor types (porcelain tiles, natural stone, timber, vinyl, non-slip floors)
Theoretical PerformanceUp to 2300 m² per hour
Practical Performance1200 - 1800 m² per hour
Brush Speed350 RPM
Brush Pressure32kg
Scrub Width62cm
Size Machine (l x w x h)43 x 69 x 124cm
Weight without batteries21kg
Clean Water Tank5L
Recovery Clean Tank8L
MaterialPP, Aluminium alloy
Power Source2 i-power 14 batteries
Battery25.2V, 14Ah
Run Time60mins
Super Charger Time1 hour

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