Is A Floor Scrubber Worth The Investment?

A floor scrubber can be a valuable investment for a business, or even a residential home, but there are a few things that you should consider first.

If you’re a cleaning business

For cleaning businesses, floor scrubbers are almost always the right choice.

If you’re a small cleaning business, then a floor scrubber might not be within your budget. However, it’s ultimately an investment that will generate more business and bigger clients, so this is an important thing to consider.

Have you considered the ROI?

As a cleaning business, your Return On Investment (ROI) from a floor scrubber is the key thing to consider.

You are essentially purchasing a business asset that you can market to gain a wider customer base, scale your business, and set yourself apart from other cleaning companies.

Would it increase efficiency?

When you want to grow your customer base, ensuring that your processes are streamlined and efficient means that you can take on larger projects and ultimately drive more revenue. By making the initial decision to purchase a floor scrubbing machine, you’re taking a step towards growing your business.

floor mop scrubbing machine

If you’re only cleaning small spaces or carpeted rooms, a floor scrubber probably isn’t worth it. However, if you’re cleaning larger spaces with hard floors, a floor scrubber will streamline your cleaning processes, dedicating more time to other things.

If you’re a business owner

When you own a business, making the choice to invest in dedicated cleaning staff and equipment can generate significant benefits over the long term.

How large is your business?

If you own a small business and you occupy a small office space, a floor scrubber may not be the right choice.

Having a basic microfibre mop and vacuum may be all you need.

However, if you have a larger business with an expansive office space and multiple rooms, especially if those rooms have different floor types, a floor scrubber could be a great option.

i-mops in shop

If a traditional autoscrubber isn’t right for you, choosing a smaller, more versatile product such as the i-mop is a great choice.

How frequently and thoroughly are you cleaning your floors?

For some businesses, mopping your floor once a week is enough.

For others, such as food businesses and medical spaces, mopping occasionally simply doesn’t work, especially when manual mopping often just displaces dirt rather than effectively cleaning the floor.

Food businesses & medical spaces must meet rigid cleaning schedules, therefore making the decision to invest in a floor mop a worthwhile one.

If you’re looking for a residential premises

For many, residential premises simply aren’t the right fit for a floor mop. However, for larger houses with a wide range of floor types, a floor scrubber could actually be a great opportunity.

How big is the property?

If you’re looking at cleaning solutions for a big property, a floor scrubber is a great option.

mop in house

If you only have a small house or apartment, a commercial floor scrubber likely isn’t for you. Instead, you should consider looking into microfibre mops or smaller floor scrubbing machines.

What type of flooring do you have to cover?

Some floor scrubbing machines are better for certain floor types than others. This also takes into account what sort of chemical you’re using with your floor mop.*

The i-team’s i-mop is ideal for most floor hard floor types, including wood floors, tiles and other hard floors.

mop salon

You should consider what floor types you have to cover when choosing a floor scrubbing machine and also when deciding whether a floor scrubber is right for you.

*The i-mop uses i-dose, the perfect alternative to your standard cleaning detergents. One pod is the right amount for one i-dose solution tank. The best part? The i-dose capsules are plant-based and the formula we use is entirely green.

i dose capsules

The i-mop: The ultimate floor scrubber mop

The i-mop is a great alternative to your traditional autoscrubber.

The i-mop is versatile, can clean small spaces, and is easy to transport, which is ideal for situations where you’re cleaning a commercial building or a large residential building.

It also cleans 30% faster than autoscrubbers.

If you’re looking for a floor scrubber but aren’t sure what the right option is, or if a floor scrubber is even the right decision for you, we can provide a demo of the i-mop.

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