The smarter ride on scrubber


Revolutionary Design

Change the commercial floor cleaning process

The unique design of the i-drive ride on floor scrubber is a world first. It incorporates the i-mop lite small space scrubber on the back, allowing one operator to stop and clean small floor spaces as part of their cleaning routine. Imagine cleaning the school gym floors with your i-drive ride on autoscrubber, then jumping off to clean the toilet floors with the onboard i-mop floor scrubber. Now that’s smart.

i-mop lite

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Designed for efficiency

Save wasted cleaning time

The i-drive ride on scrubber and i-mop floor scrubber combo enables cleaning of small, medium and large floor areas. And due to the unique interchangeable battery system (another world-first for a ride-on scrubber), with a 2nd set of batteries you can clean 24/7 with your ride on i-drive scrubber dryer.

Oh, and your i-mop needs a top-up?

No problem – fill it up from the onboard solution reservoir with the integrated fill hose, controlled by a push button on the back of the i-drive to activate the solution pump.


Cleaner environments

Improve cleaning everywhere

With the i-drive ride-on industrial floor scrubber, gone are the days of having to resort to the old-fashioned mop and bucket to clean your small floors. The i-mop lite floor scrubber on the i-drive ride-on scrubber allows you to clean small floor areas in bathrooms, crib rooms and lobbies with the same cleaning power of the ride on scrubber. The i-drive floor scrubbing machine eliminates compromises in cleaning standards.


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A sustainable future

Socially responsible cleaning

The high mechanical power of the i-drive ride on autoscrubber and i-mop lite walk-behind scrubber enables less water and chemicals to be used in the cleaning process, lowering environmental impact. The slide out tray on the i-drive houses 6 rechargeable i-power batteries (you can run on 2 or 4 batteries as well if required). Rechargeable li-ion batteries are more longer lasting and therefore sustainable than other battery types commonly used in other ride-on autoscrubbers.


Integrated safer design

Designed for the operator

i-drive autoscrubber is designed for optimum safety and operator ergonomics, with adjustable foot pedals and extremely good visibility of operating area and equipment path. Inbuilt running lights illuminate the floor area and allow night cleaning and avoidance of obstructions.


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A better way to go

The ultimate floor scrubber

i-drive ride-on floor scrubber is simply a better, smarter choice to improve cleaning routine efficiency for the modern cleaning operative. The user interface is designed to be easy to understand and operate, with icons rather than text avoiding linguistic confusion. Enjoy the ride with i-drive! Book a demo today.


Technical Specifications

Working width610 mm
Driving speed5.5 km/h
Solution tank volume62 litre
Recovery tank volume55 litre
Detergent tank volume5.5 litre
Power6 x i-power 14 or 20
Runtime80 min with i-power 14 & 120 min with i-power 20
Dimensions (l x w) 1460 mm x 600 mm
Turning circle diameter1660 mm
Theoretical cleaning coverage2745 m2/h
Practical cleaning coverage1400m2/h
Pad pressure 25kg
Pad RPM175 RPM
Operational Weight 208 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 349 kg
Charge time (i-charge 9)90-100 min for i-power 14 & 120 min for i-power 20


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