How To Stop A Floor Scrubber Tank From Smelling

In this article we’re going to give you 2 quick hacks on how to keep your floor scrubber tank smelling and looking like new!

We‘re using the i-mop xl floor scrubber tank as an example; however, these cleaning equipment maintenance hacks can be applied to most brands of floor scrubbing machines.

How to stop your floor scrubber's tank from smelling

As we cover in the video, the first and most important step in stopping smells in your floor scrubber rinse the dirty water tank thoroughly with clean water after use. This helps ensure that the bulk of any organic soiling (which feeds odour-causing bacteria) is flushed and removed from the tank.

After you’ve rinsed and drained the recovery tank, the second point is to remove the cap of the scrubber and leave the cap off. If the recovery tank does not have a cap (some have a drain hose), leave the cap off the drain hose instead. This allows some airflow into the tank when in storage, helping it to dry out properly and reducing risk of odours.

Additional tips

For a further step in preventing odours in the floor scrubber tank, add a biological cleaning solution that will work to actually break down any organic matter in the solution tank. One that we’ve found works a good solution is the Enviroplus E-Washroom as it is very concentrated.

Simply add about about 10ml (half a capful) to the clean water you put in to rinse the tank, swirl it around to cover the internal surfaces of the tank, and then pour it out down the drain. This will leave a tiny residual amount of the enzymes and biological cleaner in the tank which will tackle any remaining organic matter. Even doing this on a periodical basis (such as before the weekend if your floor scrubber is going to be left unused) will help keep odours under control.

Well-maintained cleaning equipment is also nicer to work with!

How to clean your i-mop tank

Keeping your floor scrubber tank looking clean is not as difficult as you may think!

There’s a few simple tools required: A Magic Eraser or Magic Sponge and a microfibre cloth, and water (preferably warm water).

Use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe off any excess soiling from the surface of the tank. Then use the magic eraser to clean off the stubborn dirt marks. Dip the magic sponge in water, it should be wet through, but squeeze it out gently so it’s not literally dripping.

Good quality Magic Erasers will generally take no more than a few passes to clean off the soiling.

You then simply rinse out your microfibre cloth so it’s nice and clean, do a final wipe over of the tank, and you’re done!

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