Five Steps To Commercial Restroom Cleaning Efficiency

Cleaning commercial restrooms can be an intensive process. Especially with COVID-19 precautions, restrooms should be cleaned and sanitised often and with unquestionable efficiency to reduce the risk of any contact spread.

Cleaning a commercial restroom shouldn’t have to be a time-consuming and difficult task. Here’s five steps to fast and efficient restroom cleaning.

1. You need the best floor mop within your budget

There’s more than enough commercial cleaning equipment on the market. It can be overwhelming choosing the right cleaning machine for you, whether that’s a floor scrubber dryer, a swing or orbital scrubber, a traditional microfibre or string mop.

Too often, floor cleaners don’t do their jobs efficiently: instead of cleaning the floor, they simply move dirt, water and chemicals around.

i mop comparison between autoscrubber and traditional mop

The i-mop can clean any hard floor, fit into most areas, and deliver excellent cleaning results that can be proven with our i-know kit. It’s an easy-to-use floor scrubber that can clean any hard floor surface from floor tiles and wood floors to marble.

the i-drive commercial cleaning ride on machine

\ Have you got a lot of space to cover? No problem - our i-drive ride-on floor scrubber incorporates the i-mop lite small space scrubber into a rideable cleaning machine. Because it includes the i-mop on the back, you can hop off at any time to get to harder-to-reach spaces.

2. Find yourself an easy-to-use cleaning trolley

A cleaning trolley is a key part of cleaning a commercial restroom. It should be easy to transport and able to carry your equipment, whether that’s an industrial mop, a microfibre mop, or smaller commercial cleaning equipment.

You need to be able to do a great job while also ensuring time-saving and efficiency. A good cleaning trolley will help to support that. Especially when cleaning restrooms, it’s important that you can access all your equipment – including your floor scrubber. Why should you have to walk back to the cleaners room for the scrubber for cleaning the floors?

i land and i light

The i-land is i-team’s mobile cleaning workstation that puts all of your cleaning equipment (including the floor scrubber!) in one place. It eliminates unproductive travelling time because all of your commercial cleaning equipment is available on the trolley. Whether that’s an i-mop, a powerboard or an extension lead, all of these can be stored and fitted onto the i-land.

The i-land also delivers easier cleaning through storage space for all the washroom consumables, additional colour-coded i-mop tanks and on-board cleaning buckets. These allow cleaning staff to find the right chemicals and equipment easily without the risk of cross contamination.

3. Establish clear cleaning guidelines and schedules

Ensuring that you’ve implemented rigid cleaning guidelines and schedules is crucial to cleaning efficiency and time-saving.

Sites should be cleaned regularly and cleaning effectiveness should also be measured if it might be in doubt. The i-team’s i-know kit allows you to measure the effectiveness of your cleaning through ATP testing.

cleaning toilet by hand with sponge

In addition, the i-scrub 26h has an integrated UV light, which is ideal for detecting detecting stains and residual bacteria. This helps staff to identify the best commercial cleaning routines and ensure that you're really cleaning a surface. By identifying unseen bacteria on a surface, you can have an effective auditing schedule and ensure that your commercial cleaning is as efficient as possible.

i-scrub blacklight

Strict guidelines are especially important when it comes to cleaning restrooms, which can very quickly become unclean.

View the i-scrub 26h's cleaning magic below.

4. Make sure you’re adhering to OHS

The way you clean should be safe and efficient. When cleaning restroom floors, you shouldn’t need to block off the restrooms for an hour or more while the floor dries. The other option is allowing people to navigate slippery or wet floors, which is arguably worse and could lead to injury.

There are two key pieces of equipment that ensure safety in restroom cleaning: a good cleaning mat and a cleaning mop that is a scrubber dryer.

cleaning with the i-matt

The i-mop is a scrubber dryer, meaning that it efficiently cleans the floors and then leaves them dry within seconds.

Our innovative i-matt allows cleaning staff to clean-in-place without the risk of tripping or slipping. You don’t need to remove it for cleaning, either - it can be cleaned with the i-mop while still in place on the floor. The i-matt’s surface is low-profile, durable and fast-drying.

The i-matt not only makes cleaning the floor safer, it also means that you won’t have to move heavy floor mats out of the way.

5. Use the right equipment for hard-to-clean areas

Often, cleaning equipment is heavy, cumbersome and yet can’t do the job effectively. There are hard-to-clean areas that are difficult to get to with an autoscrubber and that just won’t be cleaned effectively with a traditional mop and bucket.

i-scrub 21b commercial autoscrubber

The i-scrub allows you to clean hard-to-get-to areas and has an oscillating cleaning head that not only cleans, but also scrubs and polishes. The i-scrub is excellent for cleaning areas such as showers and behind toilet bowls. The i-scrub 21b is best for washroom cleaning as it can fit down the side of the toilet seat and can also be used to clean the walls due to its angled swivel head.

When cleaning restrooms, you need to know that your cleaning methods are efficient, compliant, and safe. Using i-team’s commercial cleaning products - whether the i-land, i-mop or i-scrub, or the whole suite - enables excellent cleaning and safety.

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