Fixing the Most Common Cleaning Challenges Within the Aged Care Sector

Exploring how the i-team range of products tackles shared challenges within the aged care sector, improves productivity and optimises health outcomes for guests.

When it comes to cleaning aged care facilities, it’s important to realise just how high the stakes are.

To make things worse, there are a number of challenges specific to the aged care sector that can put pressure on cleaning outcomes, timeframes and resources. Thankfully, we’ve used these challenges to help guide the research and development of our products, resulting in some truly revolutionary offerings for the aged care sector.

Watch the video below to see our 4D approach to Aged Care cleaning:

Common Cleaning Challenges Within the Aged Care Sector

  1. Lack of time and budget for effective cleaning

  2. Cleaning of textured, non-slip floors

  3. Strenuous manual handling of bulky equipment

  4. Trip hazards from electrical equipment

  5. Managing infection control and preventing cross contamination

Meet Our Four-Dimensional Cleaning Philosophy

We aim to inspire those within the aged care industry with our four-dimensional cleaning philosophy, which covers all important aspects of cleaning that maintain the health of guests.

Our 4D approach to cleaning ensures that you’re

Clean Floors: i-mop & vac range

Superior Wall and Ceiling Results: i-scrub & i-spraywash

Optimised Cleaning for Surfaces and Furniture: i-cover & i-fibre

Improved Indoor Air Quality :i-air PRO & i-sense

4 dimensional cleaning

Our 4D cleaning philosophy provides the leading cleaning and hygiene results, tackling every important dimension of your aged care facility.It covers the cleanliness of your walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and touchpoint surfaces,as well as the quality of air inside your facility.

Remember: if one area isn’t cleaned to a high standard, it can affect other clean areas, and even lead to virus and bacterial breakouts.

1. Problem: Lack of Time for Effective Cleaning

Solution: Smart and Powerful Tools Providing Superior Results While Reducing Cleaning Times

Our products have been designed with improving productivity at the forefront, while retaining class-leading cleaning results.

This means that your staff gain more time for other cleaning tasks,with the confidence of knowing their cleaning activities are at a high standard.

For example, the i-mop cleans up to 2300m2per hour, which is six times as quick as regular mopping.

lady with i-mop

Thanks to its design, enjoy up to double the cleaning power of conventional scrubbers, 360° manoeuvrability and the ability to get into tight spaces not possible with a bulky machine – all with minimal exertion, reducing the risk of worker injuries.

It’s greener too, using 75% less water and chemicals than other scrubbers.

Better still, our high-capacity lithium-ion battery packs can be used across the full range of i-team products. Simply swap batteries on the move,and keep cleaning.

2. Problem: Managing Infection Control and Preventing Cross Contamination

Solution: Leading Air Purification Technologies to Kill Viruses & Bacteria

Indoor air quality can be anywhere from 2-5 times worse than outside,which is a key issue we need to tackle in the context of aged care facilities.

Air purification, combined with active air quality monitoring can help your aged care home manage infection control, and potentially prevent viruses spreading in your facility.

Better still, these air quality monitors give you a clear and instant picture of the air quality in your surroundings, so you can take action to improve the air you and your residents are breathing. The i-air, for example, can give you alerts to your smartphone when indoor air quality drops.


The i-air PRO is the leading commercial air purifier that benefits from medical-grade HEPA filtration, providing your guests with exceptionally clean air.Rather than simply capturing articulate matter, thei-air PRO features UV bacterial and photo-catalytic oxidation features that kills viruses, mould and bacteria.

With the help of our i-sense smart air quality monitoring device, you can get alerts when indoor air quality drops, so you can take steps to improve it for your residents.

3. Problem: Tiring and Strenuous Manual Handling of Equipment

Solution: Ergonomic, Portable and Agile Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tools

The process of ensuring every surface in your surroundings is cleaned to a high standard, you need access to tools that work with you, rather than against you.

Our range of cleaning products have been designed with agility and flexibility as a key priority, and can reach, pivot and manoeuvre in tight areas to ensure a complete clean.


Providing your staff with the right tools is a major influence of their productivity, while avoiding aches and strains in repetitive tasks, while optimising their overall cleaning outcomes.

4. Problem: Cleaning of Textured, Non-Slip Floors

Solution: Powerful and Adaptable Floor Cleaning Technology

Combining the agility of a handheld mop with the power of an automatic floor scrubber, the i-mop range is designed to optimise your floor cleaning experience, while eliminating the potential of slips and falls thanks to the battery-powered experience.

Better still, the i-mop range is an adaptable tool that can be used on large floor areas in common and dining rooms,compact areas like washrooms, and across textured, non-slip floors that can be notoriously difficult to clean

girl with imop

We offer a range of specialised brushes for the i-mop range that can help you tackle any problem surfaces in your facilities, and make the process significantly more effective, giving your team added confidence.


5. Problem: Trip Hazards from Electrical Equipment

Solution: Battery-Powered Cleaning Products That Eliminate Risk

In the aged care context, eliminating any trip hazards that might arise during the cleaning process is not only important for the operator, it’s essential risk to eliminate for any guests passing by.

Better still, our battery-powered cleaning equipment retains class-leading power figures, with the added convenience of a portable device. This means you don’t have to sacrifice power in order to have a portable package.


i-team's range of high-performance vacuum cleaners offer medical grade HEPA H14 filtration in both cordless and cable vacuums, offering the leading of soft floor cleaning for the aged care sector.

i-team's Products Are Tailor-Made for the Aged Care Sector

We’re in constant communication with dozens of aged care providers to help inform out research and development phases. This means that we can continue to design products that meet the unique demands of the grow ingaged care sector.

i-team is proud to have worked alongside hundreds of aged care facilities to optimise their cleaning processes, introducing innovative cleaning solutions and revolutionary products to match.

The cooperative design phase enables you to adopt our 4D cleaning approach, optimising the results for your aged care facility, and increasing the health outcomes of your valued guests.

To request a hands-on demonstration, or to find out more about our full range of cleaning products for the aged care sector and beyond, click here.