Everything You Need In Your Commercial Cleaning Equipment Arsenal

There’s a huge range of commercial cleaning equipment out there, and it can be hard to know what works and what you actually need in your arsenal of commercial cleaning equipment.

Depending on what sort of building you are cleaning, your set of equipment for commercial cleaning will change. Here’s a quick and easy guide to cleaning equipment pieces you need to clean easier, greener and better.

If you’re cleaning a large building

If you’re cleaning floors in a large building with multiple levels, you’re going to need a floor scrubbing machine that can clean quickly and be easily transported between the different levels, as well as commercial cleaning equipment that can get to the nooks and crannies.

The two main things you’ll need are a good floor scrubbing machine and cleaning equipment that gets to those hard-to-get-to areas.

In the i-team suite, we offer a variety of floor scrubbing solutions, including the i-mop lite, XL and XXL, as well as the i-drive which incorporates the i-mop into your cleaning suite while also allowing the ability to ride on.

i mop lite xl and xxl

With or without the i-drive, the i-mop is easy to transport and covers large areas, especially if you choose the i-mop XXL. The i-mop XXL has a scrubbing width of 62cm and an increased tank capacity, which allows you to clean for longer periods without having to refill. The i-mop xxl can clean up to 1800 square meters per hour.

i spraywash in use in bathroom cleaning

If you’re looking to clean a kitchen or washroom, the i-spraywash is an excellent choice.

The i-spraywash is a fast foam cleaning system that is easy to use and uses ‘Active Foam’, which cleans better, clings longer and works for its full dwell time, creating overall better cleaning efficiency.

Combining the i-drive ride-on scrubber with the i-mop floor scrubber ensures that spaces small, medium and large can be cleaned efficiently.

If you’re cleaning a residential home

The i-mop can be great for cleaning large residential homes, especially if you’re a commercial cleaner. The last thing you want as a commercial cleaner is to have to use a traditional mop-and-bucket to clean a large floor area.

But the i-team suite offers more than just the i-mop for your cleaning convenience. If you’re looking for something smaller but still efficient, microfibre mops make a great option. Our i-fibre mops reduces germs by up to 99% and incorporate colour-coded cleaning tools that ensure there’s no cross-contamination between different areas.

The i-fibre microfibre range not only cleans floors. I-fibre incorporates unique i-scrub 26h handheld microfibre scrubbers which also does an excellent job of dusting and cleaning rounded areas, such as sinks, bathtubs and corners. Not only that, the inbuilt UV light in the handle of the i-scrub 26h microfibre cleaning tool helps you to spot hidden dirt and bacteria.

Think your surfaces are clean? Think again. There might be more hidden bacteria than you think.

If you want to reach hard-to-clean areas, the i-scrub 21b mini scrubber is the one for you. The i-scrub 21b is ideal for buildings where you need to clean in tight areas, such as stairs, showers and behind toilet bowls.

i-scrub 21b mini scrubber cleaner

It can clean almost any area and deliver excellent commercial cleaning performance, with powerful 400 RPM twin scrubbing brushes. As it is a battery powered scrubber, there are no cords to get in the way while you clean.

If you’re cleaning windows

If it’s commercial window cleaning you need support with, you’ll need a few different pieces of equipment. However, you don’t always have the ability to lug large and cumbersome commercial cleaning equipment around.

This is where the i-suit comes in.

i-team i-suit window cleaning equipment

The i-suit is a piece of commercial cleaning equipment specifically designed for window cleaners, which consists of a backpack and lance, so that you can reach higher areas with water-fed window cleaning poles without straining your neck and back.

Each i-suit also comes with the unique i-suit glasses, which are a necessity when it comes to improving safety and ergonomics in cleaning processes. These give you good vision over your work area without straining your neck, allowing you to look straight ahead, and see vertically. They’re amazing.

Cleaning equipment for everyone

All buildings are different, and different equipment works for different people and companies. Whether it’s windows, large commercial buildings or a residential home, the i-team suite has something for everyone.

If you need advice with your cleaning processes or want to book a demo of one of our innovative commercial cleaning machines, get in touch here.