i-light l

Light up the dark

i-light l
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Long runtime battery light

Conserve battery power

The i-light l is designed to help cleaning operators get their critical cleaning jobs done. Not every cleaning task needs the extra lighting power of the i-light l, so we factored this into the i-light design. With the in-built timer function on the i-light, you can set the hours and minutes you want your light operating for, and do with your work without disturbance.

The i-light l can also help reduce electrical consumption in commercial facilities by reducing the need to keep all facility lights running while cleaning takes place.

i-light L

Fully adjustable light source

Push and pull the levers on your optional tripod and head to adjust the height, angle and direction of your i-light battery powered work light.

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Work area battery light

Light on the go

Cleaning is an on-the-go task. You need to be able to take all your tools and commercial cleaning equipment with you. That’s where the i-land range of heavy-duty cleaning trollies comes in. i-land trollies are designed for use in conjunction with the full i-team suite of innovative cleaning technologies, including the i-light.

Mount your i-light to your i-land trolley and always have your battery-powered light with you where you work. Power failure or dark corner needing cleaning? No problem! The i-light meets all of your industrial cleaning needs.

Technical Specifications

Weight without batteries 5.90kg
Size (l x w x h)38 x 30 x 21cm
Light angle360° radius
Light typeLED
Power consumptionLED 15 W
Light poweri-power 7
Battery spec. Li-ion14.4 V 6.6 Ah
Running time (one battery)7 hours (i-power 7)
Charger typeOff-board
Charger 240V, 50/60Hz
Mounting TypeSecure with screws or order a i-land connection and / or tripod separately
Warranty1 year


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