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i-fogger 3.5

High-volume backpack fogging machine

from $2,230NZ

The i-fogger 3.5 is a battery powered aerosol mist fogger designed for fast infectious disease control, ideal for aeroplanes, public transport, and other enclosed spaces.

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What is the i-fogger 3.5?

Quickly treat floors, walls and the air with the powerful aerosol mist of i-fogger 3.5 and disinfect difficult-to-reach areas on ceilings and between furniture. A comprehensive disinfecting tool in a portable package, an operator can target certain surfaces, as well as a wide dispersion of micro-droplets to kill airborne pathogens.

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Disinfect enclosed spaces with ease

With battery-powered safety for untethered movement in small spaces, the i-fogger 3.5 makes it easy to eliminate viruses and microorganisms.

The i-fogger 3.5 is powered by high-capacity i-power lithium-ion battery packs, eliminating trip hazards from cords and offering impressive run-times while on the move. Battery power means you’re not dealing with flammable propane fuel canisters as with a typical thermal fogger.

As part of the i-power battery system, the i-fogger 3.5 battery can be swapped out with many other products in the i-team range of battery-powered cleaners.

What our customers say

Portable disinfectant spray gun

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High-volume tank to do more

The i-fogger 3.5 has a 3-litre solution tank to suit operation for medium and large spaces, saving you time while remaining easy to clean, fill and empty in a normal-sized sink.

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Large area disinfection, fast

We’ve designed the i-fogger 3.5 for speed without sacrificing performance. Disinfect large areas such as cinemas, shopping centres, schools, offices, warehouses, busses and aeroplanes in a short period of time, with maximum results. With a wave of the wand, the powerful disinfectant mist kills pathogens as they’re floating in the air and covers your surfaces completely.

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Safer solutions in every way

In the past, most thermal foggers have used propane, which is flammable, dangerous and slippery when spilled. Battery power is safer for the operator and environment. The i-fogger 3.5 disinfection liquid creates a practically odourless mist which makes it more pleasant to use.

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A nozzle for every need

The i-fogger 3.5 features a choice of four specialised nozzles that adjust the size of the droplets from 20-150 microns. 0,3 mm (3x) ~ 20 μm for indoor use of frequently touched surfaces, 0,5 mm ~ 30 μm for small waiting rooms, 0,8 mm ~ 40 μm for cinemas and public transport interiors, and 1,0 mm ~ 60 μm for outdoor use or quick indoor use such as between shifts.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Weight (w/o battery)



20 x 59.5 x 22.5cm

Tank Capacity


Battery Weight



1 x i-power 9 or 14


40min with i-power 9 & 50min with i-power 14

Charge Time (i-charge 2)

5-6hours for i-power 9 & 7-8hours for i-power 14

Charge Time (i-charge 9)

60-70min for i-power 9 & 90-100 for i-power 14

Speed Of Spray


Hose Length


Droplet Size


Spray Nozzles

0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm & 1.0mm

Machine Power


Spray Distance


Main Body Material


Spray Handle Material


Included Accessories


The user wears a backpack , allowing complete freedom of movement


Interchangeable nozzles can regulate the mist from 20-150 microns droplet size as needed

Customisable Add Ons

Batteries & Chargers

Choose between the i-power 9 & 14 batteries and i-charge 2 & 9 chargers